Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 12 December 2011

Heart to heart ....

I just love old buttons, in particular pearl buttons.
I've been collecting them for years and they are kept in a box like special jewels.
I have  some of them still on their silver backed cards and I haven't yet taken any of them to use - I just love them just they way they are.

Whilst I was making the lavender hearts I thought of making some brooches using linen and adding  pearl buttons.
I like wearing brooches, they so often lift an outfit and also lift the spirit. A scarf often does the same.
So I set too and first made the heart and then sorted through the buttons and sewed them on trying to use different ones. Really special ones, like some I have that have three holes or ones with patterns engraved on them had to go back in the box !

I also made special paper bags using old sheets of music which I folded and glued and then printed a star with a sepia ink. I used the bags to package jewellery that I sold at the fair and also for hearts, especially the pearl brooches.

The lavender hearts are made of linen and some old 30's cotton that I bought at a troc.
I had some small pieces left from making some bags.

I bought the ribbon in the UK when I was there, and of course, they had their own buttons too.

The little tags I'd made myself, some of them using handmade paper collaged with a little heart cut from a stamp and some from card that I'd collaged with old pages from books and then added sparkle.

All of these little extras always delight me.
I was glad they delighted others too.


  1. They are so sweet, what delightful and cheery hearts :-)

  2. Hi,love all your hearts and buttons.Love Jill xx

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