Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More from my exhibition.

My exhibition is going well and I have to say I'm delighted
with the response.

* The painting above has been bought by my dear friend Helene.

The general public has appreciated the new work which is really good.

There were four small square pieces like the one below which are based on the walls in Venice
that have suffered with age and water.

Three of these are sold now all to the same person.

The landscapes have given a lot of pleasure and their calmness is with me everyday when
I'm at the gallery.

The painting below reminded one visitor of his homeland of Australia.
It was actually inspired by the huge rolls of straw in the fields here at sunset.

The painting below has intrigued many - the actual source was a huge piece of metal that someone had tried to set fire to.
I just loved the colours that happened afterwards.

Then lastly the sea again.
Brittany, where I live has the most coastline in all of France so of course it is in my head and is always an inspiration.

Monday, 19 August 2013

My exhibition of new paintings.

I have been working very hard this year for a new exhibition.

Starting new work is normally a question of inspiration
and then of course to put that onto paper.

I had decided this year that I wanted to explore
new ways of working.

Now there is less than a week to go before the exhibition starts.

I am really pleased with the work I've produced and am hoping that
visitors will find the work interesting and stimulating.

I have always been drawn to the detail and wanted to look
closely at surfaces and the effects of time.
I love rust on metal, lichen on walls and the effects of water and even fire.

I have done a few pieces on seascapes and landscapes
 using techniques I've not used before.

There are four pieces which are directly inspired by the crumbling walls 
and frescoes in Venice.

Many of the pieces are built using layers and layers of washes
 and then rubbing back even using fine glass paper.

The paint is water colour and I've also collaged with old paper and tissue .

The exhibition starts on Saturday 24th August at Gouarec in Brittany.
Details can be found on the Galerie Tremel site.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Absolute delight with children on holiday at Kerjacob.

This week we have had the fun that only
children can bring at Kerjacob.

On the last morning they were here - a surprise came
to fruition.

Drawings were made with the help of the children's
Mummy and Daddy.

Then Mr P and I set to work on the surprise.

Et voila !!
Exclusive T shirts printed and given.

What do you think they wanted to put on
for the next part of the holiday ?

Exactly - their own designed shirts.

Everyone had a smile on their faces ( except the robot !! )

Having our nephew, wife and children here has been a joy !