Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

So, where have I been all this time !

It is a long time since I've done any posts and I apologise.
I know I always look forward to reading new posts from others so
 therefore I shouldn't have let two months go by.
have let two months go by in silence.

In June we went to London for four days.
Its a long time since I've been and I was excited.
The main draw was to go and see the Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern.
I also wanted to see the British Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain.

Both were wonderful in totally different ways added to by
the walk along the Thames embankment in beautiful warm sunshine.

Saturday was a day in Spitalfields - a place I just love.
There are some absolutely beautiful houses there and I just took lots of photographs.

What lies behind this window display ?

Folgate Street is perhaps the place where the most scrumptious houses are although
to be fair I don't know Spitalfields very well
and I'm sure there are delights to be found everywhere.

Just love the brickwork and the shutters.

How I loved this faded grey.

Fancy living at eleven and a half ?

I so wished I could pop inside and see what delights
there would be behind the shutters.

Just love the boldness of the colours next to each other.

Again a beautiful grey - a colour I love.

Then what I really wanted to see the house at 18 Folgate Street.
The house of the late Denis Severs.

 More of this in my next post.