Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Starting making for Christmas.

I have started to make our Christmas cards.

I have built up a huge collection of papers over the years,
from tiny scraps to big sheets they are all special to me.

This year I'm working in neutral colours to make 
tiny collages - each one different.

So the process began today.

Any of you with cats will know how much they like to be in on everything !

Pie, one of our two cats can't seem to understand  (or chooses not to )
that I don't want her to stand on the papers whilst they are drying.

So where to put them, I don't have a studio or workplace as yet ....
( a constant dream. )

So one of the window sills in the kitchen came into use until they were dry.
Tomorrow I'll continue to make more then go onto the next stage.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thinking of others, please.

I have been home from hospital a week now.
I am making progress and busy myself doing creative things which is enjoyable.
Meanwhile the world turns and sadness spreads in the Philippines
Why is it so often that some areas of the world have to suffer so much?
I would urge you all to send money to help the thousands there who have suffered and will continue to if we, the rest of the world don't help.