Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Images from Cornwall - September .

As is my way, I like to take photographs
of things that catch my eye.
Things that are interesting, creative 
and unusual.

So here's some images that I noticed
when we went to Mousehole
( yes, really its called that but not pronounced that way ! )

Just loved this little homemade sign on a clapboard cottage.

Tourist ware with a difference.

The fishing harbour at Mousehole.

More fishing boats than shops and people - wonderful !

Loved this stencil - especially against the grey - green background.

The on to Sennan Cove - beautiful raw and quiet
 - how parts of Cornwall can still be.

Lobster pots.

Fishing floats.

More floats - love the muted colours.

This is a fascinating building once used to haul up the fishing boats.
Inside there would have been a huge capstan that was turned by men.

Finally the sunset at Sennan - somewhere Mr P has told me about for many years.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Barbara Hepworth's garden St Ives.

Just back from England ending with a
short break in Cornwall.

One place I wanted to visit was
Barbara Hepworth's garden
and studio.

The garden is in St Ives and is a place of calm
and tranquility.
St Ives like so many pretty places has become so busy
and full of people shopping !

It was a joy to escape the madness and enjoy 
the peace and quiet.

The sculptures look wonderful in the open air where they belong.

I loved the  white Japanese anenomes which shone in the dappled sunlight.