Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Special things at Kerjacob Christmas.

The rain has stopped here for the moment.
The sun is shining and I've been planting
more bulbs to hide away 'till Spring.

As some of you know I make a special card for Mr P every

Its never easy as I have to hide all the parts
whilst I'm making.

So here are some photographs of this years card.

I was very pleased that he liked it .

Th help some of the gloomy days I always pot up
some hyacinths.

I prefer the white ones.
When they're finished out they go into the garden
to flower for me next spring.

My beautiful old mannequin has been dresses for Christmas but I'm still looking for
something suitable for her lower half.
Long white bloomers are really what I want and somewhere I have the ones
that belonged to my great grandmother.

The little tiny armoir was one that I bought this year- it needs repairing but I just love it.
Standing next to it is an angel sculpture by John Maltby - love his work.

The tea lights came into use when we lost all power for 24
hours !

Below is my darling velveteen rabbit which Mr P bought me in Paris this year for
our wedding anniversary. It is very old and very gorgeous.

If you've never read the story of  "The Velveteen Rabbit " now is the time to do so.

For sometime I collected silver sugar spoons and they all got a polish for Christmas.

These tiny brown shoes belonged to my father.
He was born in 1908 so they are very old now and to me very precious.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve.

Hello to everyone.
After 24 hrs with no power and terrible storms it has been
wonderful catching up on your posts.
I'm now sitting drinking a glass of champagne and will soon make
our special supper.

Despite the storms I've managed to get the house decorated and will be posting more photographs.

Three of these beautiful moths arrived from Lynn at Sea Angels - I adore them.

The little boy above is waiting for tomorrow like so many children.

Here's another of Lynn's wonderful creations - a beautiful fairy.

These little angels are decorating one of the bookcases.

So to all of you I hope tomorrow is a special day .


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Starting making for Christmas.

I have started to make our Christmas cards.

I have built up a huge collection of papers over the years,
from tiny scraps to big sheets they are all special to me.

This year I'm working in neutral colours to make 
tiny collages - each one different.

So the process began today.

Any of you with cats will know how much they like to be in on everything !

Pie, one of our two cats can't seem to understand  (or chooses not to )
that I don't want her to stand on the papers whilst they are drying.

So where to put them, I don't have a studio or workplace as yet ....
( a constant dream. )

So one of the window sills in the kitchen came into use until they were dry.
Tomorrow I'll continue to make more then go onto the next stage.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thinking of others, please.

I have been home from hospital a week now.
I am making progress and busy myself doing creative things which is enjoyable.
Meanwhile the world turns and sadness spreads in the Philippines
Why is it so often that some areas of the world have to suffer so much?
I would urge you all to send money to help the thousands there who have suffered and will continue to if we, the rest of the world don't help.


Monday, 28 October 2013

Here we go again - off to hospital !!!!!

Many of you who follow my blog
will know that for the last two years
I've been in hospital in October.

Unbelievably I will be in hospital again.
Tomorrow I will be operated on as a result of an abdominal hernia caused by last
year's surgery .

To say I'm nervous is certain.
To say I wish to hibernate next year so I WON"T have to go into hospital again is certain.
To say will you all keep your fingers crossed for me is also certain.

I'll post to you as soon as I can and I'll also look forward to catching up on all your posts.
There's no internet at the hospital sadly.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The beauty of lichen

Some weeks ago I went to an exhibition
in a tiny chapel.

The work was based on lichens
and marks that nature makes on 
walls and floors etc.

I love lichen and mosses and their wonderful textures and colours.

The pieces are the work of a Dutch artist called Lizan Freijsen.

I really liked the work, the colours and its textures.

I couldn't resist taking photographs of the wonderful old stone slabs in the chapel.

Definite inspiration for art work.

I just love the little red ochre pieces of stone set in between the slabs.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Breton costumes - past and present.

Last Sunday I went to an exhibition of Breton
In the past there were many variations of dresses,
embroidery, headdresses all
adding to the richness of the Breton culture.

I couldn't use flash so some of the photographs aren't as good as I would have liked.

The richness of the embroidery is extraordinary and so skillful.

Black and white is a very strong theme especially in the mens costumes.
I just love the buttons and the braiding.

Even the simple costume for a young girl has so much charm.

The beauty of the lace caps is just amazing and they are highly collectable and also
of great financial value.

Just love the shadow of the lace on the wall.

The apron below is really just for show and the cut work is so intricate.

The two photographs below show the influence of Breton costumes on today's fashion.
The dress below is designed and made by a young man, Romuald Herve who has his studio in Auray.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Introducing you to a new love in my life !!

So may I introduce you to......

" RUBY "

I have wanted a 2cv for a very long time.

So this beauty is a happy addition
to life at Kerjacob.

She is 26 years old and is in excellent condition.
I cannot fully describe what it's like to go for a ride in her except to say
we laugh all the time and both have smiles on her faces.
Mr P is not  at all jealous - he's always number one for me !

Saturday, 7 September 2013

........ So here we are - just beautiful as always

I think you've all waited long enough !
So here is my beautiful bag from

I make a lot of my own things but ....
I just couldn't resist this and 
I am very happy.

Yes, the handle on one side is made of braces.

Just look at the tape measure and the old button.

Then the back is old ticking - a fabric I love.

Then the fun price tag - where is Alice and the Mad Hatter ?!

Don't you just love the little purse to go with the bag ?
I've propped it up on one our old doors outside our barn.

Below is the picture on the bag of the purse.

Couldn't resist this photograph against the rusty hinges.

 So there you are - I hope you think it was worth waiting for the surprise.
I LOVE the bag.