Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A long weekend in Paris.

Two weekends ago I was in Paris.
The sun shone every day.

On the Friday evening I saw the Eiffel Tower
sparkling away as if to greet me.
I love it !

Saturday was off to see the Bonnard exhibition.
His use of colour is just wonderful.

Saturday evening having my supper cooked for me in an airy 
apartment listening to the birds singing outside.
Perfect .

Then on Sunday off to the Museum of Decorative Arts, I'd never been there before.

As we walked along the gardens just had to take some photographs
 of two women and their paintings, same view
 but both different styles.
Proves we all see things differently.

Later met these very happy young French women
who were friends together celebrating before the marriage
 of the one with blonde wig.
They were a delight and I got kissed by them all !

Everywhere beautiful window boxes, on a sunny day Paris is even more beautiful
and for me always very exciting.

There was Joan sparkling in the sunshine.

As I looked up I was  thinking how good it would be to have  the apartment
with the white shutters and the window boxes
 - I could stay in Paris whenever I wanted  ………. one can dream !

More photographs in the next post and one of my favourite places
 where I certainly won't ever have an apartment
 but again I can dream.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Today we lose a darling friend.

When we came to live at Kerjacob twelve
years ago there was a cat that seemed to be living in
or near our barns.

As time went by we realised that she wanted to
live with us.
So our time began with a lovely cat
who we named " Tortue "
because of her colours.

At the time we had " Hannah" our border collie and she
and Tortue became friends.
Tortue even accompanied us on our walks with Hannah.

We lost Hannah some years ago and sadly today
we lost Tortue.

We think she was maybe fifteen years old
and we were privileged to have her
share twelve years of her life with us.

Now we have just "Pie" with us.
Those of you who have animals living with them will understand how we feel,
however we rest content in the fact that she changed our lives and we changed hers.

Many, many happy times together, thank you Tortue you were a darling.