Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 13 October 2014

More from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

I have been somewhat slow in getting more photographs
posted from YSP.
I've been busy putting together a book of some of
my photographs.

( more of this in my next post )

I really liked the simple graphics of Tom Frost.
It was very clear from the sales that he'd made
that I certainly wasn't the only one.

Out in the grounds of the park is a varied selection of sculptures.
Some are there most of the time and just look amazing in the landscape of this area.

Barbara Hepworth.

Love the way these figures have rusted over time.

The children who were at the park really loved going round and in between this huge rabbit.

Elizabeth Frink - I LOVE her work.

So lastly the buildings, now empty, were I spent three years of my life
 as an art student.
In my first year, at was then called Breton Hall, I lived
 on the first floor of this wonderful old mansion.
 I clearly remember the night we got the news of the
 assassination of John Kennedy - 1963 -
the radios on everywhere telling the terrible news and
 our utter disbelief and sadness.

These were the views and landscape that I enjoyed then and did this summer over
40 years on.