Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Water feature with watering cans !


A few weeks ago we helped out at an open garden day held by friends of ours who have a most wonderful garden and house in Gouarec.


Tea and homemade cakes were served in the sunshine and all profits were to go to help with the restoration of Abbaye Bon Repos .



Recently there has been a new water feature  added which links into the river at the bottom of the garden.



The watering cans had to be sourced from England as the handles on French watering cans go from front to back which of course wouldn't work !



  1. Love that idea. Is the water sucked up from the river into the first can by a pump mechanism or is there a different water source for the first can. Just wondering:)

  2. Such a beautiful garden...and is that sunshine!!!!? lucky you,
    I love your new header photo,
    Sophie xx

  3. Hello Mary Ann, as far as I know the water from the river is pumped up to the top watering can and then because the buckets are set at a slight angle they then start to overflow into the watering can below and so it goes on until its back in the river.
    There have been times when the river has flooded half way and more across the garden !


  4. Thanks Diane. I would love a water feature in my garden but alas no river.

  5. this is absolutely beautiful.
    What a wonderful idea to make a waterfall out of watering cans.
    I could see myself spending lots of time in this garden.
    Hugs, Evi

  6. i just shared this on my facebook page Serenity in the Garden.....what a great idea!

  7. Great stuff... looks great... If I had a river close to me.. I would be making electricity too...

  8. I love that! Great job. The photos were wonderful, too.

  9. I found your blog post on Pinterest. What a gorgeous water feature! I would love to do this in our garden!


  11. nice post. Now you can use this sme business directory to promote water features import & export business.

  12. i just "repinned" this idea on Pinterest...i have never seen anything like it! so clever!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. @Mary Ann, since you don't have a river/creek just use fittings from the hardware store, you can install tubing to run the water through a fish aquarium pump from the bottom can back up to the top can, just hide the tubing under some sort of cover (will depend on what type of watering cans you use, if they are galvanized you could run the tubing through conduit tubing since it's galvanized it will look similar?)and gravity will do the rest; and once you fill the cans the first time you'd only have to refill as the water evaporates. Unless I'm missing something? Seems pretty simple. Good luck.

  15. Could the water be syphoned out of the river (or a pond)?

  16. I have an aquarium pump, so I shall try this soon! Thanks

  17. That is a really unique water feature you have made it very clever and I would imagine quite easy to setup. I was wondering did you use a flow regulator on your pump or it the pump size a perfect match for the water feature?

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  18. I want to use this water feature to help water my garden during the dry season. We have a water barrel to catch excess rain water and I'm hoping to get another one. This is a great trick to hide regular rubber hose!

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