Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 26 October 2015

In the garden at Kerjacob.

I'm doing some work in the garden whilst we have no rain.
Taking a break late this morning I went
for a walk with my camera.

So many beautiful colours still to find
before the winter really comes.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Quiberon peninsula in October sunshine.

Just under two hours drive from Kerjacob is the
Quiberon peninsula.

A stunningly beautiful place.
However in the summer it is not the place
to be if you prefer more solitude.

Living here we have the chance to go when we choose.

Last week the weather was wonderful, sunny and warm.
A rather strong wind but not one to bother us at all.

On two evenings we sat and watched the sun go down.
Peaceful and quiet with only a few people out for a 
walk or a run.

The beaches are sandy and sparkle with mica in the sand.
It was like walking with tiny diamonds catching the sunlight.

Many birds were enjoying the tiny sea life which came in with the tide.

I loved the sculptured stones and large " galets ".
Here and there where towers that someone had made and left
as their own tribute to the sea.

In some places the rocks looked like whales about to surface and then some that were
just like a giant fish sitting basking in the sun.

I loved the pattern of the fences and the seed heads - just like a piece
of woven and embroidered textile …….. inspiration for drawings I'm sure.

It was the first time for us here but I'm very certain we'll be back but only when its
quiet and one can get lost in the beauty of nature and the elements.