Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Friday, 10 July 2015

A new area for the garden.

I have been working a lot in the garden in
the wonderful sunny weather that
we've been enjoying here in France.

The bowls are ones that I have made recently
at a raku ceramic workshop.

The very large pot was one I bought years ago with the intention of making
a small water garden. Now its done and I so enjoy seeing how the plants
are doing.

Every other day I choose some petals to float on the surface, they look beautiful.

The whole area is covered with small stones and broken slate but in some areas I have
placed bigger flat stones and arranged some of my pebbles collected from the coast.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Paris in the Sunshine.

More photographs of Paris from my long weekend there.

Walking towards Notre Dame I discovered these beautiful little shops
 all selling glorious  plants and flowers.
I don't know Paris at all well so walking as I was, is the best way to find new delights.

Crossing bridges on the way and finding this famous one with so may padlocks.
Soon they'll all be gone - far too heavy for the bridge but people were still
searching for a place to put their lock.

On to Isl St Louis one of may favourite places to walk and look
at some beautiful little shops.
Most of the time its just window shopping for me though.

Each time I've been I always take photographs of this little flower shop, I love it.

Thought the little basket outside this restaurant was a lovely way
 to hold their little business cards.

More windows and flowers - on a bright sunny day
 with the white blind - perfect.

Then sitting in the gardens of Notre Dame people watching
and trying my hand at being - Cartier Bresson !!!

I do like to try and take black and white studies of people
also have to try not to be obvious taking the photographs.
This can  mean waiting quite a long time.
On a warm sunny afternoon in a park  in Paris - no problem.

The roses everywhere just beautiful, this year seems to have been a magnificent one
for them.

So a last photograph at Notre Dame and off to the station to go home to Kerjacob.
I loved every minute of my weekend
 and look forward very much to the next time.