Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 31 January 2011

Peeking through on the last day of January.

I awoke to a sunny day but with a heavy frost.
After breakfast I couldn't resist taking a peek outside to see what the sunshine of the weekend had revealed.

Finding so much was a real encouragement to get some more tidying done.

Tortue, who like me, enjoys being outside if there's some sunshine kept me company (?) by sleeping on top of one of the compost bins !!!

I have now cut back most of the old leaves and stems from the borders and lifted some weeds.
After lunch I set to and planted some more alliums which I love.
I know it says to plant before December but I had the chance to buy some excellent bulbs in the sales here and also it lessens the chance of the voles and other mammals deciding to eat them in the long winter months.

I remember when we first came here telling one of my French neighbours, whose an excellent gardener, that I'd just planted some alliums.
She asked me had I surrounded them in gritty sand ?
She then explained to me that was a good way to stop the mice etc from eating them as they don't like digging into the gritty ground.
Yes, I came home and dug them all up and started again with the grit, I'm sure some have been tasty snacks over the last few years but not too many.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Time flies.

On Friday I did manage to do some more on my first box framed collage.

I just have one small part to do which will involve me using some of my small printing blocks.
This first collage is going to be called " Time Flies ".

A bit of a play on words as I've used one of the rusty angel wings, a beautiful feather and an old watch face.

If you look on the left of the collage I've printed time over and over again in different fonts.
When I've done the final part I'll be putting the piece for sale but in the meantime I've got a few ideas for the next collage.

Today is cold but we've had sun which has been good.
If we have sun again tomorrow I'll do a bit more work in the garden and take time to search what has been brave enough to peek out .

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Seaside walk.

Twice a week I visit an elderly French friend.
We enjoy taking walks when the weather is not too cold or wet.
Yesterday we went for a walk along the coast near to where she was born.
It was the first time that she'd been on that coastal path and she enjoyed it so much.

We were looking at the plants starting to show and the buds starting to show on some of the shrubs.

We were both so delighted with a piece of old broom that was covered in lichen, I couldn't resist bringing a small part of it home.

Today I've continued on the collage and I've been working on the inside of the box frame.

The actual frame is finished now. It takes time to sort through my treasures and decide which piece I'm going to use but I'm getting there.
Sometimes its thought that being creative just happens, sometimes it does but mostly its hard work but if all goes to plan it's good.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Birthday present and collage.

Today is the birthday of a very dear friend whose had a lot of serious illness for nearly a year.
I try to do things especially nice for her.
So this morning I wrapped her present which I'll take to her on Thursday.

I have used lovely pale cream tissue paper and some of the bits from my collection that I use
for collages and cards.

After, I started to work on some new collage pieces which I'm going to mount in box frames.

I've worked on one frame so today I've been working on the contents.

I recently bought some old broken watches. I'm using some of the wheels that are just a delight in themselves.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

More treasures at a troc.

Yesterday was an excellent one for doing some work in the garden so that's what I did for part of the day.

Later as the sun went away I decided to make one of the baby sheets that I'd bought on Friday into a blind for the window in our bedroom.

The drawn thread work is lovely and the sheet was just the right width.

This baby's sheet is just so sweet.

Today I was up and out to a troc et puces.

I saw lots of interesting things but just bought a collection of old letters some letters and cards.

The old postcard celebrates the amazing changes that electricity had brought to people.

The man was so helpful and told me he had at his house a box full of pieces of letters and other old papers that I could have for an excellent price, so we've got to arrange a rendez vous some time near Rennes.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Flowers for Friday.

Just back from getting my shopping.
The delight of smelling fresh bread as I drive back is always good and most times impossible to resist a piece with a cup of tea when I get back.

I was lucky today to pick up a few pieces of old linen.
I bought three children's bed sheets.
I will photograph them tomorrow for you to see.
I also found a few more monogrammed napkins which I will dye with indigo, love the colour.

On one of the windows in the kitchen I have a beautiful hyacinth in flower, I can look at that whilst also watching the birds coming to the feeder.

The cats often sit at the window fascinated by the birds, luckily they don't go and try and catch them.
Outside I've noticed some buds on the lilac and the hellebores are showing more and more.
The one I bought last week is looking good in a pot by the door.

Tonight its off to Breton dancing and tomorrow I've promised myself a creative day but no doubt I'll also do some work in the garden too.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

A touch of Spring and more wings !

So the pantomime was good on Friday night.
One of the ugly sisters was played by a French friend and he was just so funny.

Saturday was off to the market but firstly I went to buy more angel wings.
The man who owns the shop asked if I used lots of candles ?
He then explained to me what the wings can be used for.
So now I've tried the large ones in a candle and they look good but I'll also use some in my collages.
Whilst I was there he found some small rusty wings so most of them have come home with me.

Then to the market. I couldn't resist the wonderful pansies and also a white hellebore.
Just need the time to get out and plant them up.
That will be one of tomorrow's jobs.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Rusty angel wings.

Yesterday I went to St Briuec , our nearest big town.
One of my favourite shops there is La Grande Orme - wonderful things but expensive so its usually small things I get and just dream!
However I found in the sale these sets of angel wings - rusty, angel wings.
I couldn't resist and I've already got ideas for them in my collage work.

Saturday is market day in St Brieuc and it may not rain which will be a real change.
So tomorrow I'm off to the market to have a look around and buy ( hopefully ) the rest of the angels wings. I love them.

I'm going to a pantomime of Cinderella tonight in French and English, should be good fun.
Yesterday I was with a French friend who is 86 , it was quite bizarre trying to explain to her what a pantomime is.
In French it sounded really strange, so it will be very interesting to see what the French think tonight.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Golden crown, spring bulbs and linen.

Yesterday I went to the first session of choir for this year.
It was good to be singing again, I do enjoy it, three hours when I switch off to everything else.
As it is the Festival of the Three Kings this weekend we had the traditional cake.
A thin puff pastry pie filled with marzipan, delicious.
Hidden inside the pie is a small china shape, traditionally it was a figure from the nativity but yesterday it was a little car.
The little car was in my piece of pie so I wore the gold cardboard crown for the rest of the singing !!
Wearing the crown is the prize for finding the favour.

Spring bulbs 2010

Today we have had a dry day with some sunshine.
This afternoon I was able to do some work and plant and sort more spring bulbs.
It was good to be outside.

This afternoon I have finished another one of my linen bags.
The bag is made from old linen which I've dyed and the lining is a very dark brown/charcoal coloured linen.

The label is one of two that I use on things I make. When I lived in England I used 'Pilgrim Trading' , I still use that and now living here I have 'La Lune et Le Lievre' - the moon and the hare, we are lucky to see quite a few hares here and I love them.

The pretty grey satin ribbon is an old piece that I found in one of the trocs.
The buttons are old ones from my collection, each one so precious, I love them.

I've sold two of my bags now and its good that other people love these little treasures too.
To use old fabrics to make new things is so good, their lives continue.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Linen buttons.

Today is grey, foggy, damp and cold.
A day to stay by the wood stove, like the cats.

A day to do some sewing on another of my old linen bags.
I'm working on one I've dyed a lovely dove grey.
The buttons are tiny and I love them - to me they are little treasures.

I've also been looking through my collection of linen buttons and think they look so good on their original cards.

Its difficult sometimes to use them as I don't want to undo them.

I think the label on one of the cards is just great.

I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who will share my pleasure in such simple things.