Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 3 January 2011

Looking around anew.

Today I've been taking down the Christmas things.
In France everything stays up until the end of January but the tradition for me was always twelve days after Christmas.
I can't bring myself to take the wreaths down off the doors yet, all is so grey at the moment.
A time of year I find very difficult.

However I'm making every effort to be positive and have been changing around other little treasures that with me all year.

This lovely treasure is Indian silver its sitting on one of my tulip bricks.

The little horse was a Christmas present about four years ago, it sits on one of the beams in the bedroom.


  1. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.
    Pie looks wonderful with red roses!
    I did not know that Christmas things stayed up until the end of January in France.
    In our home I keep Christmas until the 16th of January. It was a custom in my parents house. My dad's birthday was on the 16th and after that the tree went. I do the same.
    This year I am especially happy about that, since I did not feel well for so many weeks before.
    Hopefully all will be really ok soon and you will be able to read my blogs again.
    I missed being part of the blog-world!
    May your Winter blues pass soon.
    Blessings, Evi

  2. This is the time of year to crawl up in bed with a good book under a blanket and enjoy the peace and quiet. The bears know a lot more about hibenration and we could take a tip from the. I get depressed also because I'm worn out from the holidays. I need to recoup. Sounds like you do, too. I give you permission! xox Jenny