Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .
"Ruby" ma belle voiture !

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Memories of such happy summer days.

So the sun shone every day.
The days went all too fast but we had
such very happy times.

Georgia makes friends with Pie.

We visited a friend's beautiful house and I took some lovely photographs.
Georgia thought it was like the house of a princess
 especially when she saw the four poster beds with curtains !

Visiting more friends and chances to play on a swing in their garden.

A swing fixed on a tree - magic.

We visited our local summer market where children and adults can get the chance
 to abseil down the church tower.
 Georgia wanted to try but at 7 she was too young.
                                                           ( Thank goodness !! )

Georgia wearing a linen suit I bought here in France.

Playing with the inventions of two men - always boys  - such fun.

We are very lucky not to live too far from the coast so
off we went with picnic buckets and spades for the day.

Before adventuring down to the sea with Papi.

The sandcastle left behind waiting for the tide to turn.

Out in the garden there was lots of chances to take photographs to add to our collection.

Maybe a career in modelling ?!

Then the day before I took her back to England we went out again in "Ruby"
 and of course came back with a baguette !

My hat became Georgia's when we went out in "Ruby"

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The start of three wonderfully happy weeks in July - Nantes.

In mid July our elder granddaughter came for a 3 week holiday.
I had not seen her for a few years due to my health problems
and surgery.
I cannot tell you what a delight it was to see her arrive at the
airport with Mr P ( Papi to her )

I'd booked for us to stay the night in Nantes as a surprise.

The bigger surprise however was to go to "Les Machines " to visit this wondrous place and to ride on the elephant and the carousel.
Moments of magic which will stay with the three of us for ever.

The Carousel is based on the 3 levels of the ocean.
This is the top for the things that are on the sea.

The flying fish were so beautiful.

Just loved this turtle's face.

We all went on the elephant and one ride for Papi and me on the  carousel but 4 rides on it for her.
She loved it and so did we.

Georgia inside  a fish - pulling levers to make it move its fins and tail.

Avery happy little girl.

However I think she enjoyed being sprayed by the elephant even more.
The children waited and encouraged the man driving the elephant to soak them !
It was so good to watch so many people having such a happy time
Moments like these last forever.

Papi and Georgia on the elephant.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Denis Sever's House Folgate Spitalfields London.

I have tried without success to find photographs other than my own of this wonderful house.

Sadly I cannot find any that I can use here and certainly not ANY of the interior.

Enough to say that after wanting to visit this incredible place we turned up, me extremely excited only to find that it was closed.
I knew that it was open on the 4th Monday of the month only to realise that in June we had a 5th Monday and that was when I was there.

Despite a very sad, pleading face and explaining that we were from France we didn't get in.
I do understand of course that it is a private house so times of opening are restricted.

One day certainly I WILL get in and share the magical experience.
In the meantime I managed to get a book all about the house 

This really gives you an look into another world that at the moment stays behind the black door and the red shutters.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

So, where have I been all this time !

It is a long time since I've done any posts and I apologise.
I know I always look forward to reading new posts from others so
 therefore I shouldn't have let two months go by.
have let two months go by in silence.

In June we went to London for four days.
Its a long time since I've been and I was excited.
The main draw was to go and see the Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern.
I also wanted to see the British Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain.

Both were wonderful in totally different ways added to by
the walk along the Thames embankment in beautiful warm sunshine.

Saturday was a day in Spitalfields - a place I just love.
There are some absolutely beautiful houses there and I just took lots of photographs.

What lies behind this window display ?

Folgate Street is perhaps the place where the most scrumptious houses are although
to be fair I don't know Spitalfields very well
and I'm sure there are delights to be found everywhere.

Just love the brickwork and the shutters.

How I loved this faded grey.

Fancy living at eleven and a half ?

I so wished I could pop inside and see what delights
there would be behind the shutters.

Just love the boldness of the colours next to each other.

Again a beautiful grey - a colour I love.

Then what I really wanted to see the house at 18 Folgate Street.
The house of the late Denis Severs.

 More of this in my next post.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

More vintage textiles.

So, here we go with more lovely things.
I cannot really remember a time when I haven't
loved everything to do with textiles.
I can remember as a child looking
at all the buttons in my
Nan's button box.
I still have many of them.
So to go to a textile fair is always a delight.

I thought the jacket below was beautiful.
It was  tiny so it didn't come
home with me.

The jacket below is a typical Breton style.

There was a lot of chanvre or hemp
which was heavily embroidered in very bright
floral designs.

Always a favourite of mine is the linen embroidered with red,
here the seller had added the lovely red ribbons
to keep the napkins together.

 Then there were many hats, look at old photographs and everyone wore a hat.

Tables full of beautiful lace, I can remember having some detachable lace collars on dresses
when I was a little girl.

Some amazingly beautiful intricate pieces of embroidery.

The piece below was just so beautiful.

Rails of period clothes.
You need to be slim to fit most of the vintage clothes.
People were much thinner in the past, many
with tiny waists and women wore very
tight corsets.

So last of all what I fell for, these sweet little cases.
I bought a small brown one but had to go back and get the blue one.
They are now being used to keep jewellery in.
I LOVE them.

Monday, 9 June 2014

My day at the vintage textile fair.

Two weeks ago I was at our  annual textile fair in a lovely town called Pontivy.
I had five tables of textiles for sale which I've collected over the last couple of years.
It now gets more and more difficult to find really lovely things.

Part of my stand showing the vintage dresses and blouses
some dyed with indigo.

The day starts at about 6am but of course I spend a lot of time
 the week before making sure all my linen is
 laundered and looking as good as possible.

This beautiful sheet was sold.

Then everything has to be carried in and I spend about an hour getting everything
I love all my linen and its important to me that it look its best.

Although its a twelve hour day at the fair I love it
 as there are so many people there who are selling or buying
textiles because they love them.
It's a passion.

I love the monogrammed napkins embroidered in red.
( Brigite Bardot didn't turn up !)

I love this chintz fabric - sometimes I think I'll keep it but I can't keep
everything that I find or fall in love with.

The lavender bags are ones that I've made out of linen
 and printed with copies of old photographs.
The lavender is from my garden.

The sheet below is made out of linen and its beautiful - it's for sale
for 120€.

In my next post I have lots more lovely things for you to see.
I'll also show you what I bought.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

More from Fes - Morocco.

I am sorry that I have been somewhat slow in posting but here we go with 
some more photos of our visit to Fes.

Amazing curtain cords - looked wonderful.

We went one afternoon to a beautiful park full of cactus, orange trees,
fountains and many very large trees.

When passing one very knurled one I noticed the beautiful
scene pictured below.

This very pretty contented mother cat had found the best place possible to be with
her little kitten.
If you look very carefully to the left of the two photographs you will see her baby
curled up happily next to its mum.
I could have looked at the two of them for some time but didn't want to spoil their peace.

In the medina everywhere there are people, mainly men, making the most beautiful things.
There are areas that are specific to a particular craft.
Here a plate is being decorated in the metal souk.

An example here below of one of the pierced brass lanterns and a beautiful painted ceiling.

Cactus growing happily in the gardens.

The distinctive green glazed roof tiles of a mosque.

One of the many handmade carpets for sale.

In many of the buildings that are being renovated the traditional
skills are being used - this plaster work was in a riad that had been designed inside by a 
young Belgian couple.

In the newly renovated riad the couple had gone for a simpler, more modern approach
to the decor but still keeping the essential elements of the crafts of the area.
These simple brushes are beautifully made craft pieces but are used in everyday life
in a country were so little is churned out by machines.