Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .
"Ruby" ma belle voiture !

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The art of Raku.

It is some while since I posted but getting over more surgery takes time.
Gradually I am feeling better and the coming of Spring
helps enormously.

Each year in a gallery near where I live there 
are exhibitions in July and August.
Last year it was my job to find new work to exhibit 
this year I have the pleasure of doing so again.

So the search has begun.

I have been delighted to find that just twenty minutes away from where we live is a French woman
who makes great pieces using the raku method.

A few weeks ago when I was able to start to drive again I went to meet her.
I thought it would be good to share some images of her work here on my blog.

After a couple of meetings she has agreed  to have an exhibition at the gallery in July.
Her name is Karine Denis.

My search continues ……...

Monday, 17 February 2014

New creations and new hopes.

 I have been making some bags recently which are to be worn
across the body to hang down by the hip.

I am forever looking for my glasses and sometimes my phone etc.
I now wear a bag like this whenever I go out.

No more do I have to search for my reading glasses, no more worrying about having to carry
my handbag when I go into a shop or am searching for treasures at a brocante.

All I need is in my little hip bag, all is safe and I don't have to go back, as I have in the past,
to ask in shops if someone has found my glasses.
All is with me and I can have both hands free to look at all I want to.

I really like these little bags and have found other friends who find them invaluable too.
All are made by hand and each one is different.

What do you think - do you like the idea ?

Tomorrow I go into hospital again for surgery so I won't be in touch for about a week.
There is no internet access but I'll really look forward to catching up with everyone
when I'm feeling better and am back home again.
Let's hope that this will be the last for me in hospital for a long time.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Creative ways on St Valentine's day.

I know its St Valentine's day.

I was thinking about some of the hearts I 
 have used in some of my pieces of art.

So here's a selection for you all.

I have to go out later into the storm that is raging around us here to get the shopping.

I think I'll treat myself to some flowers to brighten the day.

                            Happy St Valentine's day to all of you.

Monday, 10 February 2014

A new pot to add to the collection.

I have always loved pots and my collection has grown 
greatly over the years.

Some pots just speak to me.
Their form, colour and size just hits my heart
and they have to come home with me.

Yesterday I went to  a troc et puces at Pontivy and there was a pot just waiting for me.
I love it.
I love the shape, form and colour.
I loved also the price of 13€ !!

It has some errors of glaze but they just add to its charm.
Things that happen in firing can be magic and for me these marks are just that.

We've actually had sunshine today and so I was able to go outside to take the photographs.
Tortue decided she would come and sit with the pot so who am I to deny her.

In other news I have to go back into hospital again for abdominal surgery.
You will remember in my last post I wasn't feeling well.
After consultation with my surgeon it has been found I have yet another hernia.
So on the 18th February I have to go and be operated on.
I soon will look like a patchwork quilt !!

Monday, 20 January 2014

More photographic memories of 2013.

Today at Kerjacob the sun is shining and as yet it hasn't rained which is wonderful.
Yesterday we had the sun too so hopefully things will begin to dry out a bit.

Last night I looked through more photographs to share with you all.
There is no particular order to them except that they follow the course of the year.

Metal sign outside bar in the Marais, Paris.

Wonderful mosaic on old brick chapel, near Cannes.

Joan Miro stained glass at Maeght foundation.

Cockerel in all his glory.

Cat looking beautiful.

Just look at those eyes - incredible.

Nepalese horse sculpture.

Art work by Bob Verschuren.

Art work by Bob Verschuren.

Bob Verschuren.

Bob Verschulen

The last few photographs are the work of an amazing artist called Bob Verschuren.
I had never heard of them until I came to live here.
His work is in a similar genre to that of Andy Goldsworthy who I love.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Looking back in photographs.

I have been lying in my bed for the last three days as I am not well - again !
I am hoping that the surgery I had in November is holding together but at the moment it certainly doesn't feel that way.

So I've read  interesting posts, looked at Pinterest and I'm reading a book about a man called Angus MacPhee who wove clothes and objects out of grass and leaves. He spent most of his life in asylums.
The book is called "The Silent Weaver " - try to find it and read it, its fascinating.

However I do also have to think about doing a post.
I thought I would post some of the photographs that I took in 2013.

Evening sky at Cannes February 2013.

Just loved the old chair used to hold a pot.
South of France 2013.

Can't resist old walls .

Metal balls outside Picasso museum - Antibes. 

Door catch at Maeight Foundation
near St Paul de Vence.

Having a siesta, La Roche Jagu, Brittany.

Domestic mosaic on step riser - on the coast near Binic.

I'll be choosing more photographs over the next few days.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Special things at Kerjacob Christmas.

The rain has stopped here for the moment.
The sun is shining and I've been planting
more bulbs to hide away 'till Spring.

As some of you know I make a special card for Mr P every

Its never easy as I have to hide all the parts
whilst I'm making.

So here are some photographs of this years card.

I was very pleased that he liked it .

Th help some of the gloomy days I always pot up
some hyacinths.

I prefer the white ones.
When they're finished out they go into the garden
to flower for me next spring.

My beautiful old mannequin has been dresses for Christmas but I'm still looking for
something suitable for her lower half.
Long white bloomers are really what I want and somewhere I have the ones
that belonged to my great grandmother.

The little tiny armoir was one that I bought this year- it needs repairing but I just love it.
Standing next to it is an angel sculpture by John Maltby - love his work.

The tea lights came into use when we lost all power for 24
hours !

Below is my darling velveteen rabbit which Mr P bought me in Paris this year for
our wedding anniversary. It is very old and very gorgeous.

If you've never read the story of  "The Velveteen Rabbit " now is the time to do so.

For sometime I collected silver sugar spoons and they all got a polish for Christmas.

These tiny brown shoes belonged to my father.
He was born in 1908 so they are very old now and to me very precious.