Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .
Princess Pie.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Pie of Pilgrim and Pie.

Those of you who have read my blog for 
some time will know that
Pie is my beautiful little cat.

When I said "is" I must now
so terribly sadly say "was"
as today Pie is no longer with me.

Now she is in the garden of Kerjacob near to
Tortue who we lost a few months ago.

The house will be very quiet tomorrow morning.
There are no cats here anymore.

I am at a loss tonight.

However she will live on in spirit and the blog will
always carry her name.

Friday, 10 July 2015

A new area for the garden.

I have been working a lot in the garden in
the wonderful sunny weather that
we've been enjoying here in France.

The bowls are ones that I have made recently
at a raku ceramic workshop.

The very large pot was one I bought years ago with the intention of making
a small water garden. Now its done and I so enjoy seeing how the plants
are doing.

Every other day I choose some petals to float on the surface, they look beautiful.

The whole area is covered with small stones and broken slate but in some areas I have
placed bigger flat stones and arranged some of my pebbles collected from the coast.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Paris in the Sunshine.

More photographs of Paris from my long weekend there.

Walking towards Notre Dame I discovered these beautiful little shops
 all selling glorious  plants and flowers.
I don't know Paris at all well so walking as I was, is the best way to find new delights.

Crossing bridges on the way and finding this famous one with so may padlocks.
Soon they'll all be gone - far too heavy for the bridge but people were still
searching for a place to put their lock.

On to Isl St Louis one of may favourite places to walk and look
at some beautiful little shops.
Most of the time its just window shopping for me though.

Each time I've been I always take photographs of this little flower shop, I love it.

Thought the little basket outside this restaurant was a lovely way
 to hold their little business cards.

More windows and flowers - on a bright sunny day
 with the white blind - perfect.

Then sitting in the gardens of Notre Dame people watching
and trying my hand at being - Cartier Bresson !!!

I do like to try and take black and white studies of people
also have to try not to be obvious taking the photographs.
This can  mean waiting quite a long time.
On a warm sunny afternoon in a park  in Paris - no problem.

The roses everywhere just beautiful, this year seems to have been a magnificent one
for them.

So a last photograph at Notre Dame and off to the station to go home to Kerjacob.
I loved every minute of my weekend
 and look forward very much to the next time.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A long weekend in Paris.

Two weekends ago I was in Paris.
The sun shone every day.

On the Friday evening I saw the Eiffel Tower
sparkling away as if to greet me.
I love it !

Saturday was off to see the Bonnard exhibition.
His use of colour is just wonderful.

Saturday evening having my supper cooked for me in an airy 
apartment listening to the birds singing outside.
Perfect .

Then on Sunday off to the Museum of Decorative Arts, I'd never been there before.

As we walked along the gardens just had to take some photographs
 of two women and their paintings, same view
 but both different styles.
Proves we all see things differently.

Later met these very happy young French women
who were friends together celebrating before the marriage
 of the one with blonde wig.
They were a delight and I got kissed by them all !

Everywhere beautiful window boxes, on a sunny day Paris is even more beautiful
and for me always very exciting.

There was Joan sparkling in the sunshine.

As I looked up I was  thinking how good it would be to have  the apartment
with the white shutters and the window boxes
 - I could stay in Paris whenever I wanted  ………. one can dream !

More photographs in the next post and one of my favourite places
 where I certainly won't ever have an apartment
 but again I can dream.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Today we lose a darling friend.

When we came to live at Kerjacob twelve
years ago there was a cat that seemed to be living in
or near our barns.

As time went by we realised that she wanted to
live with us.
So our time began with a lovely cat
who we named " Tortue "
because of her colours.

At the time we had " Hannah" our border collie and she
and Tortue became friends.
Tortue even accompanied us on our walks with Hannah.

We lost Hannah some years ago and sadly today
we lost Tortue.

We think she was maybe fifteen years old
and we were privileged to have her
share twelve years of her life with us.

Now we have just "Pie" with us.
Those of you who have animals living with them will understand how we feel,
however we rest content in the fact that she changed our lives and we changed hers.

Many, many happy times together, thank you Tortue you were a darling.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Treasures from the auction.

So on Tuesday of last week I went off to an auction.

I must say I really enjoy them even if I don't buy anything.

As usual, being English, I had my flask of tea
and some fruit to eat.
Sometimes I can be there for 4 hours !

The auction house was full to overflowing but I eventually 
managed to get a seat.
The auction was from a big house in Paimpol which is on the 
north coast of Brittany.

There were many lovely things but because there were
so many dealers there from different areas
prices were high and I know my limits
unless I really fall heavily in love
with something.

The first thing I bought were five old chairs - I especially loved the first of the small
ones and was told by one of my French friends that it's in the style of
Napoleon 3rd.

I really like the old style chairs, I know plastic ones are practical but they just don't
do it for me.

On the chair below you will see a rusty old safe box which came home with me complete
with 3 beautiful keys. It wasn't the box that I wanted but what was inside ……...

Yes, these beauties were there and I don't think they'd ever been used.
The following day, with trepidation, I laid them out on the little table that I'd also

All the numbers there and I thought all the alphabet but the W is missing !
I think however that I can make a W using the V twice.

I am in love with them and am so looking forward to trying the letters out on some
lovely old linen.
As well as the letters there were quite a lot of old hand made brass nails - they are beautiful.

Then finally this large basket, I have two already.
They are lovely and I will use this one to store all the things that my two grand daughters
will want to play with when they come on holiday, much nicer than a plastic storage
box and much more exciting  to look at.

It was a long day and  I have to say I was very tired when I got home but very happy.
It was lovely on the following sunny day to set out the chairs as if we were having
a tea party. Needless to say Pie decided to try out each chair in turn.
Always the princess !!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

"Emma" and I at the textile fair.

I must explain that "Emma" is my very old mannequin.
She's called Emma because I bought her in
Emmaus - a French charity shop.

I absolutely LOVE her and she normally stands
in the lounge and she occasionally gets
a change of clothes.

So below you see her in her glory at
the textile fair.

She's wearing a gorgeous indigo dyed apron
over a lovely old frilly white shirt.

Over her shoulder is one of my handmade bags.

When I could I had a walk around the fair and took some photographs.
I know many of you will enjoy looking at them.

I just loved these old pieces of quilt - the design and the colour  - but at 50€ for a small piece
they had to stay on the stand.

Above is a very old example of a man's Breton jacket.
Black and white was always the tradition.

Some lovely old French sewing magazines - again I resisted.

These little boxes of laundry labels are great but could I find my initials - no ?!
Maybe another day I'll find them.

This adorable dolls wardrobe from the 1940's is on my stand. For sale in almost perfect
order for 30€ if anyone out there wants to buy it.

A constant favourite of mine, and many others - torchons ( tea towels ) in linen.
They make lovely cushion covers and even very small curtains.

Finally some real cuteness - this is one of four tiny sewing machines that a friend of mine
was selling. Two of them even ran on electricity !

I enjoyed the fair very much, always a very long tiring day but shared with many people with
like passions.
I came home with some profit ( I'm off to an auction today !! ) - two lovely samplers, simple
alphabets stitched in red on cream linen, two rolls of very old grey ribbon and two old red and cream

Happy, happy day.