Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .
Spring tulips

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

"Emma" and I at the textile fair.

I must explain that "Emma" is my very old mannequin.
She's called Emma because I bought her in
Emmaus - a French charity shop.

I absolutely LOVE her and she normally stands
in the lounge and she occasionally gets
a change of clothes.

So below you see her in her glory at
the textile fair.

She's wearing a gorgeous indigo dyed apron
over a lovely old frilly white shirt.

Over her shoulder is one of my handmade bags.

When I could I had a walk around the fair and took some photographs.
I know many of you will enjoy looking at them.

I just loved these old pieces of quilt - the design and the colour  - but at 50€ for a small piece
they had to stay on the stand.

Above is a very old example of a man's Breton jacket.
Black and white was always the tradition.

Some lovely old French sewing magazines - again I resisted.

These little boxes of laundry labels are great but could I find my initials - no ?!
Maybe another day I'll find them.

This adorable dolls wardrobe from the 1940's is on my stand. For sale in almost perfect
order for 30€ if anyone out there wants to buy it.

A constant favourite of mine, and many others - torchons ( tea towels ) in linen.
They make lovely cushion covers and even very small curtains.

Finally some real cuteness - this is one of four tiny sewing machines that a friend of mine
was selling. Two of them even ran on electricity !

I enjoyed the fair very much, always a very long tiring day but shared with many people with
like passions.
I came home with some profit ( I'm off to an auction today !! ) - two lovely samplers, simple
alphabets stitched in red on cream linen, two rolls of very old grey ribbon and two old red and cream

Happy, happy day.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Grand Textile Fair and my new creations.

Every May there is a big textile fair in Pontivy, a town not far from Kerjacob.
I love this fair and always look forward to it.

Before hand it means a lot of work for me but
because I love textiles its not a chore.

I've been collecting and selling vintage textiles for some 
years now.
This year I'll be selling beautiful old linens,
indigo dyed vintage clothes and my new

When I say new cushions, they are all made from vintage textiles and all sewn by hand.
In some I've dyed the fabric and also printed onto some of them.

Yesterday as we had sunshine I did my own little photo shoot outside in
our garden.

I couldn't resist making the one above with the lovely prints of the cats.
The little cat at the bottom waiting for its milk is very like Pie .

Sometimes when I buy old linen sheets they are a bit worn but the monograms are in perfect
condition - too good not to be used.
So the two below have been dyed in indigo and stitched onto chanvre which I've also dyed.
So they'll be going off to the fair to maybe be bought by people who have those initials.

The cushion below is made of linen and chanvre.
I've printed the butterflies onto linen and then sewn them onto
individual strips of old linen.
Time consuming but made with love.

Then there are new bags.

Living here in France there are many French people who like to
buy things which are very English.

This small lined bag has an old advert printed onto it.
As usual it is embellished with some of my
large collection of old pearl buttons.

Below are the last two bags I've made.
These are lined in a lighter cream cotton and are made to be worn over the shoulder.
The one below has a sewing theme.

This one is for all you gardeners out there.

I have a few more days to make things but just now I'm going to do some gardening - the sun
is shining and I can sew in the evening .

Hope you've got sunshine today ……..

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Venice - in its faded glory.

So, it was Venice.
The sun shone, not too cold and not too busy.
The light there is very special.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Where did Pilgrim go in January ?

 Last month was a journey I've been wanting to make for many years to re-visit a magical place.
Here are some clues for you.
Next post more photographs.
Who can guess where I was ?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Life and nature continue forward.

I have found it quite difficult to think about posting since the terrible acts happening in France last week.
It all seems  quite superficial to post but nothing will change by me being silent.
Life must go on.


Last Sunday many people in France and in other countries across the world went on marches to remember those killed in Paris and also to continue with freedom of speech.


We went to Pontivy and followed the march and also enjoyed a walk along the River Blavet.
The Blavet in some places has been canalised and therefore there are lock gates and weirs.

The sun shone and it was amazing to see daffodils and primroses in flower. Nobody has told them that it isn't Spring yet !

I took quite a few photographs and looking at them now has helped lift my spirits.
Today the sun is shining  we've been out cutting wood to put by for next winter.

Reflections from a canal boat (used as the tourist office).

Almost a Rothko!

The images below were taken on one of the weirs.
I just love the forms and colours.

I can see some inspiration for paintings here.