Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 30 May 2011

First raspberries - gorgeous !

We have harvested the first of the raspberries - they are the best yet.

I've also been gardening, couldn't resist cutting some of the leek flowers.

I always leave some to go to seed as I love the flower heads just before they flower and when they do.

The cow parsley along the lanes are a favourite too and look good with the architectural verbena.

This afternoon I'm getting on with a collage - the sun's gone in so its more easy to stay inside !

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Vintage textile fair and toile de jouy.

Two weeks ago I went to the first vintage textile fair in this area of Brittany.
It was a delight to find so many people who like me love vintage textiles.

There were a lot of things related to Breton costumes, the culture here is very strong and Breton dancing and music is enjoyed by many young and old.

I just loved the hangers with the faces - I think if they were made again today they would be wanted by so many.

I came away with a few treasures which I'll be using in my work.
I found some smallish old pieces of toile de jouy - just love them.

I was delighted to find this linen braid and I shall use it when I make some more bags.

The red and white damask napkin will stay just as it is and be added to my others. Some with red embroidered with red monograms.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lunch in the sunshine and work in the vegetable garden.

As we have had sunshine for weeks and weeks I've been able to make real progress in our 'potager' - vegetable garden.

So far I've planted garlic, red onions, white onions, shallots, potatoes, broad beans two types of lettuce and four types of runner beans.
Today I will be planting more potatoes and courgettes.

Its hard work but enjoyable and I love seeing the rows growing and the pattern that they make.
Being an artist I've put the rows in different directions so when they're all growing really well they should look really good, different forms, textures and colours.

Each lunch time we sit outside and eat in the wonderful warm sunshine with a little pot of flowers and think that we have such a wonderful place to live.

Monday, 23 May 2011

1920's bedspread.

When I was England I had the chance to go to the little historic market town of Leek in Derbyshire.

Every Saturday they have a market in the lovely old market hall and outside in the market square are antique and bric a brac stalls.
I always manage to find some thing I like.

I spotted three 1920 / 1930's printed bedspreads and just knew one of them would look just right on our bed in the summer.
So it came home to Kerjacob with me and it fits well in every way.

In very old country houses like ours it's not easy to find things that have the right scale and simplicity to work.

The teddies are ones that I've had for some years now and I love them all.

The beautiful flower woman with her flower child in her arm is one that Mr P bought me some years ago for an anniversary present.

I love her too.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Spring flowers with sunbeams.

I just love spring flowers, in fact I love so many but I do especially love anenomies.

They were my mother's favourite and they were her choice for her wedding.
When she died I placed a posy of them with her.
For my second and very happy wedding day I carried a posy of them and I love them still.

I bought myself two bunches last week at the market.
Sitting on a small table in our farmhouse kitchen with the sun beaming through the little window in the door they just looked so good, I had to get my camera.

I shall be working in the garden today and tomorrow we will take part in our village randonee and also join in with the communal meal, a healthy walk and a good meal shared with friends, what more could we want !

Monday, 16 May 2011

Manoir de Kerledan.

Last week we went over to our good friends who own the wonderful Manoir de Kerledan near Carhaix.

The day was sunny and warm and I worked doing some weeding in part of the gardens .

Peter and Penny work so hard and each time we go there are more good things to discover and this time it is the tower !!

Yes, for the last five months they've built a tower with a staircase inside, they even have their very own ' Rapunzel' in their daughter Hannah.

I took the chance of being able to wander round freely on my own to take photographs so all of you can get little looks at this wonderful manoir.

Manoir de Kerledan is chambre d'hote where you can stay and walk in the gardens. You would eat amazing evening meals all cooked by Penny with many of the vegetables from their own potager and wonder at their energy and talent.

Monday, 9 May 2011

ARTHE - a magical find in Dinan.

When I was in Dinan last week I discovered a little museum, tea shop and antique shop all in the one place called ARTHE.

Just loved these glass dolls eyes, if they're there next time, they just may come home with me !

A magical place for me and I'm sure for lots of other people who find it.

Gilles, an American, who is the owner has lived in France for many years is just such a charming man.

I was able to have a really good look around, take photographs and have conversation.

I left with a smile on my face at finding this delightful place and also carrying a bag with two large ammonites, something I've always wanted.

When we're next in Dinan we will go there again and try some of the wonderful selection of teas.

arthe museum, tel: