Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas comes to Kerjacob

Gradually I've been putting up some Christmas
things in our house.

I really don't like too many decorations but I do
love the little lights and candles.

The Christmas star hangs from one of the old beams
 in our lounge and when all the lights are out it is magical.

A little wooden tree and gold star sit next to the Egyptian cat.

On our snowy tree a beautiful decoration made by Lynn at Sea Angels.
He is new this year.

The fairy is back - another piece of magic by Lynn.

The tree is decorated with silver this year - very simply.

More sparkle on the old French wire basket.

I love the mercury silver decorations.
This year, as always I've made my Christmas cards and other decorations so
they will be in my next post.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The blues - the colour not the emotion !!!

Just going through some of my photographs 
whilst enjoying the 
warmth of the wood stove
at home in Kerjacob.

How many different shades there are in colours
and one colour I really love is blue.

So here we go with a small selection.
No reason - just because they're 
good to look at.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Writing on the wall - different ways of looking.

I know that are some people really don't like
wall art and I have to say some that are just tags 
have no appeal to me BUT  ……………….
there are some images that I see that just
are so good that they have to be captured
through my camera lense.

On the walls at a fish dock -  Brittany

On the wall of a music school - Brittany.

Outside a music college - Brittany.

Ghost wall of a Dubonnet sign - Brittany.

Seen in London in the summer.

More another day.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Looking at the detail in the ordinary.

Some weeks ago I set to and made a book with some of my photographs.
I have never done anything like it before but
found it very enjoyable.

Anybody who really knows me well would probably recognise
my style in photography.
I like to look at detail, to notice maybe what others 
I remember quite clearly my daughter asking me
when she was very tiny
why I took photographs of 'rubbish'.

Well, I'm still doing it but maybe now she would understand that
what she thought then was rubbish really wasn't.

I adore old doors and windows.

Lichen on the rocks in Brittany.

Ivy taken off a tree becomes a piece of art
against the wall of our house.

Another love - rusty metal.

One of the doors at Kerjacob.

Monday, 13 October 2014

More from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

I have been somewhat slow in getting more photographs
posted from YSP.
I've been busy putting together a book of some of
my photographs.

( more of this in my next post )

I really liked the simple graphics of Tom Frost.
It was very clear from the sales that he'd made
that I certainly wasn't the only one.

Out in the grounds of the park is a varied selection of sculptures.
Some are there most of the time and just look amazing in the landscape of this area.

Barbara Hepworth.

Love the way these figures have rusted over time.

The children who were at the park really loved going round and in between this huge rabbit.

Elizabeth Frink - I LOVE her work.

So lastly the buildings, now empty, were I spent three years of my life
 as an art student.
In my first year, at was then called Breton Hall, I lived
 on the first floor of this wonderful old mansion.
 I clearly remember the night we got the news of the
 assassination of John Kennedy - 1963 -
the radios on everywhere telling the terrible news and
 our utter disbelief and sadness.

These were the views and landscape that I enjoyed then and did this summer over
40 years on.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Ursula Von Rydingsvard at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

My travels in the UK took me up to Yorkshire to stay with a friend I've
known since I was eighteen and a student at what was
then Bretton Hall College near Wakefield.

This amazing place was where I studied Art for three years.
The college has been closed for quite a few years now.
The grounds however are what is now
Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

This amazing piece is made from cow intestines sewn together
it was beautiful.

When we were there we saw a large exhibition
of the work of an American woman -

There are the Underground galleries which
are huge spaces that give the 
opportunity to display large pieces
of sculpture that can ' breathe '.

I really liked the pieces where the wood had been charred and also limed.

Cow intestines sewn together.

Just LOVE this piece.

There were also some wonderful large drawings based on pieces that she has made using pig's
intestines that have been dried and formed into pieces that are textile in quality.

In my next post I'll show some more pieces from YSP.