Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 20 January 2014

More photographic memories of 2013.

Today at Kerjacob the sun is shining and as yet it hasn't rained which is wonderful.
Yesterday we had the sun too so hopefully things will begin to dry out a bit.

Last night I looked through more photographs to share with you all.
There is no particular order to them except that they follow the course of the year.

Metal sign outside bar in the Marais, Paris.

Wonderful mosaic on old brick chapel, near Cannes.

Joan Miro stained glass at Maeght foundation.

Cockerel in all his glory.

Cat looking beautiful.

Just look at those eyes - incredible.

Nepalese horse sculpture.

Art work by Bob Verschuren.

Art work by Bob Verschuren.

Bob Verschuren.

Bob Verschulen

The last few photographs are the work of an amazing artist called Bob Verschuren.
I had never heard of them until I came to live here.
His work is in a similar genre to that of Andy Goldsworthy who I love.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Looking back in photographs.

I have been lying in my bed for the last three days as I am not well - again !
I am hoping that the surgery I had in November is holding together but at the moment it certainly doesn't feel that way.

So I've read  interesting posts, looked at Pinterest and I'm reading a book about a man called Angus MacPhee who wove clothes and objects out of grass and leaves. He spent most of his life in asylums.
The book is called "The Silent Weaver " - try to find it and read it, its fascinating.

However I do also have to think about doing a post.
I thought I would post some of the photographs that I took in 2013.

Evening sky at Cannes February 2013.

Just loved the old chair used to hold a pot.
South of France 2013.

Can't resist old walls .

Metal balls outside Picasso museum - Antibes. 

Door catch at Maeight Foundation
near St Paul de Vence.

Having a siesta, La Roche Jagu, Brittany.

Domestic mosaic on step riser - on the coast near Binic.

I'll be choosing more photographs over the next few days.