Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Golden crown, spring bulbs and linen.

Yesterday I went to the first session of choir for this year.
It was good to be singing again, I do enjoy it, three hours when I switch off to everything else.
As it is the Festival of the Three Kings this weekend we had the traditional cake.
A thin puff pastry pie filled with marzipan, delicious.
Hidden inside the pie is a small china shape, traditionally it was a figure from the nativity but yesterday it was a little car.
The little car was in my piece of pie so I wore the gold cardboard crown for the rest of the singing !!
Wearing the crown is the prize for finding the favour.

Spring bulbs 2010

Today we have had a dry day with some sunshine.
This afternoon I was able to do some work and plant and sort more spring bulbs.
It was good to be outside.

This afternoon I have finished another one of my linen bags.
The bag is made from old linen which I've dyed and the lining is a very dark brown/charcoal coloured linen.

The label is one of two that I use on things I make. When I lived in England I used 'Pilgrim Trading' , I still use that and now living here I have 'La Lune et Le Lievre' - the moon and the hare, we are lucky to see quite a few hares here and I love them.

The pretty grey satin ribbon is an old piece that I found in one of the trocs.
The buttons are old ones from my collection, each one so precious, I love them.

I've sold two of my bags now and its good that other people love these little treasures too.
To use old fabrics to make new things is so good, their lives continue.

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  1. Happy New Year and Happy singing, oh I love to sing. My Mother is a very good singer whilst I am a happy crooner, hummer, join inner!

    So glad you have had success selling your lovely bags, the colour is delicious,

    Sarah x