Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 25 July 2011

Kerjacob in flower.

On Saturday we had a lovely sunny day which was so good after quite a few grey days.
When I went outside the flowers in the pots and that grow in amongst the gravel path just looked so wonderful I had to go back in and get my camera.

The verbena started off in pots several years ago but has seeded itself into the gravel. I love it and so do the butterflies and all the other insects.
I think Mr P would rather it wasn't in the path but its only in the summer months and everybody else loves it so it will be staying !

The acer, which was a birthday present to me from a dear friend last year, is still in a pot as I lift it inside in the winter. Maybe next year it will go into the ground. It looks glorious against the blue agapanthus.

At lunchtime we often will sit on a bench and watch the butterflies searching out the nectar from the flowers whilst we eat our lunch. Mr P really does enjoy that.

Brittany is famed for its hydrangeas, the climate here is just what they like. The earth here keeps many of mine blue and purple, I don't need to add anything to the soil.


  1. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous. I would love to grow some :)

  2. love your beautiful garden and the Verbena HAS to stay.
    Men are often way too practical.
    Loved that you court the butterfly. I am sure they like this happy garden!
    Hugs, Evi

  3. The hydrangeas are one of the things I miss most about Brittany!

    My first time commenting-I recently found your blog and am enjoying your beautiful photos and posts :-)


  4. Those hydrangeas are such a great colour, what a pretty garden you have.