Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 19 August 2013

My exhibition of new paintings.

I have been working very hard this year for a new exhibition.

Starting new work is normally a question of inspiration
and then of course to put that onto paper.

I had decided this year that I wanted to explore
new ways of working.

Now there is less than a week to go before the exhibition starts.

I am really pleased with the work I've produced and am hoping that
visitors will find the work interesting and stimulating.

I have always been drawn to the detail and wanted to look
closely at surfaces and the effects of time.
I love rust on metal, lichen on walls and the effects of water and even fire.

I have done a few pieces on seascapes and landscapes
 using techniques I've not used before.

There are four pieces which are directly inspired by the crumbling walls 
and frescoes in Venice.

Many of the pieces are built using layers and layers of washes
 and then rubbing back even using fine glass paper.

The paint is water colour and I've also collaged with old paper and tissue .

The exhibition starts on Saturday 24th August at Gouarec in Brittany.
Details can be found on the Galerie Tremel site.


  1. Hi Diane..oh I want to stand in front of these lovely pieces of work,, I adore the restraint and the simplicity and the colour, you have to do more ha ha my favs are 1 7 8 I can imagine them Rothko size as well.......Wishing you a fabulous opening Diane. xxx
    It was brilliant to talk to you the other evening I was cooking on gas the rest of the night xx
    Love Lynn xx

  2. Wow - love this new body of work Diane. Images seem more simple that previous ones and yet their layers exude more depth. like Lynn, would love to think of these Rothko sized. You will have had the opening by now, last night in Australian terms - probably right this minute in France!! Hope it is going/went well. So good to see you in a place where you are creating beautifully - means your health must have improved. Beautiful. Well done.