Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 25 May 2015

Treasures from the auction.

So on Tuesday of last week I went off to an auction.

I must say I really enjoy them even if I don't buy anything.

As usual, being English, I had my flask of tea
and some fruit to eat.
Sometimes I can be there for 4 hours !

The auction house was full to overflowing but I eventually 
managed to get a seat.
The auction was from a big house in Paimpol which is on the 
north coast of Brittany.

There were many lovely things but because there were
so many dealers there from different areas
prices were high and I know my limits
unless I really fall heavily in love
with something.

The first thing I bought were five old chairs - I especially loved the first of the small
ones and was told by one of my French friends that it's in the style of
Napoleon 3rd.

I really like the old style chairs, I know plastic ones are practical but they just don't
do it for me.

On the chair below you will see a rusty old safe box which came home with me complete
with 3 beautiful keys. It wasn't the box that I wanted but what was inside ……...

Yes, these beauties were there and I don't think they'd ever been used.
The following day, with trepidation, I laid them out on the little table that I'd also

All the numbers there and I thought all the alphabet but the W is missing !
I think however that I can make a W using the V twice.

I am in love with them and am so looking forward to trying the letters out on some
lovely old linen.
As well as the letters there were quite a lot of old hand made brass nails - they are beautiful.

Then finally this large basket, I have two already.
They are lovely and I will use this one to store all the things that my two grand daughters
will want to play with when they come on holiday, much nicer than a plastic storage
box and much more exciting  to look at.

It was a long day and  I have to say I was very tired when I got home but very happy.
It was lovely on the following sunny day to set out the chairs as if we were having
a tea party. Needless to say Pie decided to try out each chair in turn.
Always the princess !!


  1. Just catching up on your lovely posts Diane.
    I love all the chairs you found at the auction and the stencil set. The fair looks like it was full of gorgeous things, I am sorry I missed it. Hopefully Kate will hear something this week. Thinking of you hugs Lynn xx

  2. What fun and what gorgeous treasures, I must look out for some auctions in the summer. As you say your treasures are so much prettier (and more durable) then plastic. Jude x