Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 11 May 2015

Grand Textile Fair and my new creations.

Every May there is a big textile fair in Pontivy, a town not far from Kerjacob.
I love this fair and always look forward to it.

Before hand it means a lot of work for me but
because I love textiles its not a chore.

I've been collecting and selling vintage textiles for some 
years now.
This year I'll be selling beautiful old linens,
indigo dyed vintage clothes and my new

When I say new cushions, they are all made from vintage textiles and all sewn by hand.
In some I've dyed the fabric and also printed onto some of them.

Yesterday as we had sunshine I did my own little photo shoot outside in
our garden.

I couldn't resist making the one above with the lovely prints of the cats.
The little cat at the bottom waiting for its milk is very like Pie .

Sometimes when I buy old linen sheets they are a bit worn but the monograms are in perfect
condition - too good not to be used.
So the two below have been dyed in indigo and stitched onto chanvre which I've also dyed.
So they'll be going off to the fair to maybe be bought by people who have those initials.

The cushion below is made of linen and chanvre.
I've printed the butterflies onto linen and then sewn them onto
individual strips of old linen.
Time consuming but made with love.

Then there are new bags.

Living here in France there are many French people who like to
buy things which are very English.

This small lined bag has an old advert printed onto it.
As usual it is embellished with some of my
large collection of old pearl buttons.

Below are the last two bags I've made.
These are lined in a lighter cream cotton and are made to be worn over the shoulder.
The one below has a sewing theme.

This one is for all you gardeners out there.

I have a few more days to make things but just now I'm going to do some gardening - the sun
is shining and I can sew in the evening .

Hope you've got sunshine today ……..

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  1. You have been a busy lady Diane. Hope all the effort is paying off and that the May textile Fair is a success. Just finding all those bits and pieces to make your cushions must take time - would be fun along the way though! I like the bees and butterflies best I think ....
    We have loads of sunshine - a glorious autumn here.
    ps really like all those images of Venice.