Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

"Emma" and I at the textile fair.

I must explain that "Emma" is my very old mannequin.
She's called Emma because I bought her in
Emmaus - a French charity shop.

I absolutely LOVE her and she normally stands
in the lounge and she occasionally gets
a change of clothes.

So below you see her in her glory at
the textile fair.

She's wearing a gorgeous indigo dyed apron
over a lovely old frilly white shirt.

Over her shoulder is one of my handmade bags.

When I could I had a walk around the fair and took some photographs.
I know many of you will enjoy looking at them.

I just loved these old pieces of quilt - the design and the colour  - but at 50€ for a small piece
they had to stay on the stand.

Above is a very old example of a man's Breton jacket.
Black and white was always the tradition.

Some lovely old French sewing magazines - again I resisted.

These little boxes of laundry labels are great but could I find my initials - no ?!
Maybe another day I'll find them.

This adorable dolls wardrobe from the 1940's is on my stand. For sale in almost perfect
order for 30€ if anyone out there wants to buy it.

A constant favourite of mine, and many others - torchons ( tea towels ) in linen.
They make lovely cushion covers and even very small curtains.

Finally some real cuteness - this is one of four tiny sewing machines that a friend of mine
was selling. Two of them even ran on electricity !

I enjoyed the fair very much, always a very long tiring day but shared with many people with
like passions.
I came home with some profit ( I'm off to an auction today !! ) - two lovely samplers, simple
alphabets stitched in red on cream linen, two rolls of very old grey ribbon and two old red and cream

Happy, happy day.

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