Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Friday, 29 March 2013

Starting painting again - the creative process.

So, when I've not been busy sorting, laundering and ironing napkins 
I've started a new painting.

I haven't done any serious painting since being so ill
at the end of last year.
Starting a new piece is never easy after a break, for me
 that's four months.
Any of you who do art of any kind will know
 that the creative process is not easy.
The ideas must be there, if not it just doesn't happen.
Not with any meaning that is.

I know that some people think that if you have an artistic mind
 it just happens but it really isn't like that !

Sometimes for me that piece of blank paper or canvas
can be  unnerving.
I cannot produce work that means something at the
drop of a hat.
Something has to happen within me to make it worth doing.

The work I've been doing since last summer ( what summer ? ) has been
based on old walls, the decay and wear and tear
that to me are wonderful.

I love the layering that happens over many, many years.
Time and neglect causes damage and colours fade
 and almost disappear.

I keep a constant look out for old walls and paintwork that have suffered
 decay and damage, what is left is what I love
 I spend hours layering thin coats
of  colour washes over and over, rubbing back
 and working to get the subtle effects that I want.

This latest piece is based on an old internal wall
that has suffered from damp.
The wall had once been decorated but over the years
colours have faded and nearly disappeared .
Some attempt has been made to rescue bits but lots have nearly gone now.

So it will be on to the next piece over the weekend.
We have very cold weather here now and in fact
 it has ben snowing this morning.
Later the wood stove will be lit and the next piece of white paper
will be there in front of me.



  1. This work is gorgeous I am going to have to pin it, I really love this Diane.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  2. looks lovely! That shell motif and faded hint of flowers is beautiful...colours are soft and muted all kind of limewashed....hmmmm, I think it's a winner....happy sunshine -x-

  3. love where this work is heading - layer upon layer, just like old walls telling their stories. xsusanx