Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Thursday, 21 March 2013

CATS - beautiful and some different.

So last week it was dogs, this week it is cats.
There were just so many beautiful ones and a few, which to me,
where pretty strange.

What did strike me was how happy most of the cats
were to be photographed.

Seems to me that this is all part of the character of the cats.
They just seem to know that they are beautiful, clever and wise.

All the cats seem to be adored by their owners and most seemed to be happy to be
looked at by the judges.
Off course there were a few exceptions who didn't like it !

Some were just so pretty.

Some breeds I've never seen before.

Some, like the ones below, which I found very strange.

How many of you remember Bagpuss ?
The one below reminded me of him but Emily wasn't there !

The one below was greatly admired by so many people, it was marked like a leopard.

Some with amazing eyes !

All the cats were wonderful in their own special way and I left with a smile on my face
and no cat, don't think my cats would have been impressed nor would Mr P.



  1. Goodness they are all so very beautiful, there is something rather special about a cat, I really love them xx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  2. Hello Diane. We are in Paris - Steve in conference this morning then we head to our cruise boat for the trip through Normandy - Les Andelys, Rouen, Normandy beaches, caudebec-en-caux

  3. etc. we arrive back in Paris on 30th march and fly to Vietnam on 31st. If you are going to be anywhere close by, let's try and meet ... If not, we will try again when we are in France and not being governed by a conference, or if you are in Australia! xxx