Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 25 March 2013

Monogrammed napkins.

Today I have been sorting, ironing and folding napkins.
I have been collecting them for some time to
take to a vintage textile fair in May.

There are 3 of these.

Duck egg, white and red beautiful - 10 in total.


Four white with blue and yellow border.

Close up of monogram

Four huge napkins - beautiful.

This one I bought for Mr P - his initials.

Five of these - VA.

Four huge napkins - MG.

I've just realised that I've forgotten to photograph six beautiful 
napkins with a red monogram of BR.

I'll post a photograph of them in the next few days.


 If there are any here that you are interested in
please let me know.


  1. oh they are so beautiful, is the fair in France or the UK Diane, I should love to come, why don't you start an ETSY shop because you also make such pretty cards and other things and then I could pop in ha ha that would be lovely. Hope your not as cold as we are and you have toasty warm toes.
    Hugs from a chilly girl.
    Lynn xxx

  2. Hello Lynn, the fair is in France about 20 minutes from where I live.
    I have thought about Etsy but there seem SO many people selling on it I wonder if I'd ever be found.
    Its cold here but not like you have in the UK.
    You would always be welcome to pop here in real life !!??

    PS Where is SPRING ?

    Hugs Diane.xx

  3. Huh! Spring indeed! I think it has gone wondering around somewhere exotic....ha ha
    I know etsy is huge.. but so is 'French' fabric, ..paper....any small fabric pieces,.. I have only sold one item but I have had loads of commissions and even if I only sell a bit, at least it is still a bit more than I would have had, or a barter I wasn't expecting but nice to do an exchange ha ha .
    You will have to tell me if you are doing any fairs later in the year, I will come and give you a that would be fun ha ha and warmer oh goodness I really need warmer...
    of to light the fire.
    Big Hugs Lynn xxxxx