Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Friday, 13 July 2012

A garden to inspire with crooked sheds and rusty sculptures !!

So, its raining outside again and at this moment I'm wishing that we lived nearer the south of France.
However I can look back to the lovely day we spent at the Abbey Beauport a few weeks ago and remember the sunshine we had that day.

The walled garden is mainly left to nature now to encourage the wildlife but everywhere there are delights to find.

The ' sculptures ' of the abbey are made from chicken wire and rusty metal and I LOVE rusty metal.
I also loved the fact that you could look through them at the garden.

I'm planning one day to have a go at making one of Kerjacob but I think Mr P will have to help me.

In my last post I put in a photo of the scarecrow, well here is another photograph of him.
He makes me smile- which with this rain I need !!

In various places in the garden are these delightful sheds.
None of them are straight and all them are made of old wood.
When you sit inside you can here sounds as if 
people are working in the garden and you can also hear birds singing.
Its just a delight.

Old garden implements on a shelf on the side of a shed.

I want a shed like one of these too and Mr P was so taken by them he agrees.
We have some old wooden doors which would make a great little crooked shed.

Another little crooked shed in the background.

There were also some lovely metal bird scarers near small areas that had been planted with vegetables
I of course like these too.
 So one day perhaps we'll have some .

So a lovely day in the sunshine and lots of great ideas to try out one day.

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  1. What a beautiful garden, I just love the model abbey, how delightful. It's obviously going to be one of those summers, but we're loving not dealing with Olympic traffic in London!