Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 1 July 2012

A day to the coast and Pont Aven.

  On Wednesday we decided to search for the sun and to go off to the coast.
A favourite place of ours is Le Pouldu where Gaugin spent some time painting local scenes and the people who worked on the land.

Part of the beach here is rugged and to sit on the sand and watch and here the waves was so relaxing.
The sun was mostly hidden by cloud but it was warm.

Le Pouldu.

I always love walking on the beach and finding shells and stones.
I always come back with some in my pocket or basket to add to my collection.

Whilst I was walking I also looked in the rock pools and I loved the image the seaweed had made in some of the pools - nature's graphics.

Later in the afternoon we went into Pont Aven which became famous for the artists who went there especially Paul Gaugin.

Original lavatory at Pont Aven.

The building above is a strange little building which is a toilet, now of course it works in a way that doesn't cause a problem for the river !

On the wall above the little building is a large copy of one of Gaugin's paintings.

There are many galleries in Pont Aven and in the upper windows of this one they had these 'snakes' looking out - they were fun !

Snakes at gallery window.

At this gallery there is a lovely cat - he's always about - sometimes in the window where often I think he's the best thing there !

Gallery cat.

Down then to the harbour on the Aven where there are many boats.

Yachts at Pont Aven.

Later in the day the light was excellent for taking photographs with the reflections of the boats in the river.

This lovely duck / goose ( not sure ) swam into the picture and also through the reflections adding to the scene.

More reflections and late evening sunshine.

This lovely old boat was against the wall of the port and I loved the decoration on its hull.

Pont Aven is a very pretty town and there are flowers everywhere.
I love the simplicity of these little daisies who seem to be happy to grow where there is little soil to nourish them.

I love also the agapanthus, they seem to love the climate of Brittany.

They have such sculptural buds and glorious long lasting flowers, even their seed heads are dramatic.

Before going home we ate the rest of our picnic in the warm evening sunshine.

                                                                  A perfect day.

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  1. So pretty...I like the reflections you've captured :)