Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An Abbey by the sea.

In my last post I said that we'd been to the coast at Paimpol and that we were going 
on to the Abbaye de Beauport.

The visit to the abbey was just wonderful.
The sun decided to shine, the day was warm and the sea a turquoise blue - perfect.

Abbaye de Beauport

The abbey dates back to the 13th century and is positioned by the coast.
People would have arrived there by land and sea.
There are wonderful views to the sea from the large windows of the abbey. 

Just loved the colour of the window frame with the flowers. 

At lunchtime we shared a picnic with friends enjoying the sunshine, which has been missing for much of the summer here this year.

A great deal of the abbey is in ruin now but enough left to imagine how it was.
Inside the ruins there are flowers and it gives it all a romantic air.

Some parts have been arranged to give an impression of  how life might have been .

I just loved this small corner where you could listen to the musings of a lady
who would have once lived at the abbey.

In what is left of the cloister area there is a lush garden.

From these tall windows it is easy to look beyond to the sea
which when we were there was a beautiful turquoise blue.

The view out to sea from the abbey.

The entrance below made me think of somewhere hot with the ochre paint given a shadow and then it lead out into a sunlit herb garden.

Inside one of the rooms they had hung these beautiful voile panels which gave so much atmosphere to the place.

Then it was out into the gardens for some time in the sun.
Here is just a taste of what will be in my next post.
Isn't he just great !


  1. Very nice post, I can just picture it! I love the voile panels too.

  2. Oh! What lovely photographs, and just heavenly to see some Breton sunshine.