Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 23 April 2012

Echoes of a fishing port.

On Saturday we went down to the port at St Brieuc most of which is now for yachts.
At the far end of the port is the area that was used for the fishing boats to bring in their catches.
The fish would have been sold from there in the past.
Now the fishing boats take their catch to other ports along the coast.

However the history still remains with tangles of nets, floats and rusty metal.
All of which was just waiting to be captured on camera.

Just love the colours and textures.

Time and the elements make such wonderful colours and patterns with the rust.

There are places where people have cleaned their brushes when repainting boats and that has resulted in parts that would be a credit in any gallery of contemporary art.

On one of the fishing boats plastic boxes used at the auctions where stacked and with a bit of work they made a great photograph, especially with the two boxes that had a turquoise colour rather than blue.

So despite the cold winds, rain and the odd hailstones it was a creative day.

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  1. What wonderful, evocative photographs. We're lucky in that Roscoff is still a working port, your pictures took me right back there, I can almost smell the sea, the salt ans the seaweed.