Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let there be light and a staircase and a party !!!

So, the story continues.
The little window which was once in the blue bathroom grew into a bigger window.
You can imagine the noise, the dust and above all the hard work to make this happen.

The small window is enlarged.

The walls had to be propped as with old schist ( slate stone ) and stone houses of this period they were held together by earth and lime.
The hole has to be bigger than the frame and then built back up to it.

The window frame goes in.

The second window in the north facing wall was then added.
All work on the new floor was done, including Mr P installing underfloor heating, I am still amazed at how he works out how to do all these things and so does everyone else !!

The underfloor heating is in place.

The floor ready for the concrete.

Then it was time for the staircase.
This had been made for us by a local firm.
We'd been to see the oak , we'd seen the staircase being made, we'd chosen to have the acorns and now it was time to watch it being built, so exciting.

The oak staircase is built.

I walked up and down the staircase so many times that first day, so good not to have to come down backwards anymore and it just felt and looked so good.

So now we had the windows and the staircase so why the party ?
On the 12th December 2008 Mr P was 60 so of course we had a party.
Tables and benches were hired from our village hall.
Lights were strung up around the unfinished walls.
Heaters got the space warm and I began to plan the menu, make the invitations and then on the day of the party cook the food for about 24 of us.
A lot of work but such fun.

Mr P and Georges. 

Friends arrived, presents were given toasts were made and food was served.

The grand birthday table.

Nobody was in the least concerned that it was still an unfinished room.
It was a delight to look around at all the new friends we'd made and so many of them being French.

After the meal we had the entertainment.
Jocelyne and Armelle ,who sing in a choir, had prepared several songs, they both have lovely voices
and it was just so good, everyone enjoyed it.

Jocelyne and Armelle sing for the celebration.

Then it was time for Josette to perform, she gave us a truly French  experience and used the staircase to full effect !

Josette sings with her usual French glamour.

After we had some English performers and then finished off with Auld Lang Syne which everyone enjoyed.
I was so pleased to be able to celebrate with our friends  Mr P's hard work and  his 60th birthday he so deserved it.

Of course that wasn't the end of the work by any means...................


  1. Wow! Very impressive work, and the party looks like great fun! Best wishes Jude s

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