Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Friday, 3 February 2012

The butterfly emerges !!

So, three years on from the party we were able to celebrate Christmas in our totally renovated room.
In those three years the walls on the north facing wall were insulated and then a new wall built against that.
All the oak ceiling boards were turned over to form what will be a bedroom floor, an enormous task.
Some beams were replaced where they were beyond repair.
The space between the beams was insulated and a new ceiling put in.
All the electrics had to be put in, again an enormous job.
The beams were sandblasted, to remove the horrible brown varnish and then lime washed.
A granite fireplace was cut and built.
The walls were lime plastered then the floor tiles were put down and grouted.

All of the above done by Mr P.

Then we had the great pleasure of moving the furniture into the lounge, all of it was stored in one of our cow barns.
The armoire was the first to go in, the space had been carefully thought about so it would fit both in height and width.
Then it was the two leather sofas which we hadn't seen since the six years ago when we'd bought them, they too had been in the barn.
We were both very relieved to see them looking so perfect, I'd always worried that maybe mice would have chosen to live in and on them !!
The carpets had been in our house in England so they too had been stored away for over eight years.

On Christmas eve we decorated our tree and it was a total delight to sit together just with the Christmas lights on and look around our room.
We'd waited a very long time for this moment and had to work very, very hard especially Mr P.

When I look back at what we started out with over eight years ago and what we have now, its almost unbelievable.
I come down every morning and look around with such pleasure.
Treasures that have been packed away for many years are re-discovered and put into the room.

We have now got our glazed bookcases in the room and I've unpacked all our beautiful books.
I'll get some more photographs done and show you them in place.
Next to do is  find the lights for the room ( where have we put them ? ) the curtains have to be made.
We will choose what pictures we want to put up. 

So, is there more work to do in this wonderful old house? Of course !!!!!!


  1. How marvellous, and I love the fact that the house still looks so Breton, but is enhanced by your English carpets and furniture. It really looks so delightful, a place to while away many a happy moment.

  2. Wow what a's beautiful:)

  3. It looks so cozy, you and your talented, and obviously talented, husband are to be commended.

  4. Hi Diane Yes! flipping heck its bloomin freezing...but you will be all cozy and warm in your rather gorgeous very French lounge! now that is lovely ...what a lot of work xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  5. What a transformation! You must be delighted to have such a cosy sitting room.
    Love your armoire and fireplace....
    Julie x

  6. I cannot believe all the work Mr P had to do!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It came out so beautiful. Love it real old world French. What a pleasure to see this.
    Congratulation to you both!
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Evi