Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Making the ordinary extraordinary.

One of the presents I bought for Mr P at Christmas was bought in Holmfirth in Yorkshire.
This area attracts many artists and craftspeople and at Christmas ( and other times of the year ) there are fairs where the most wonderful pieces can be seen and bought.

This piece is made of all different kinds of things all of them being wooden.
I just loved it and knew that Mr P would too.
I would like to know especially where the little wooden man came from and what is his history.


  1. I wish you a happy and HEALTHY new year, filled with lots of time for creating and all the things that give you pleasure.
    Today I am trying to play catch-up with my blogging. We are still entertaining through this week. I guess I am making up for last year. Pie looks adorable, cats always look so serene. From what I see, there are lots of new things coming with the remodel...can't wait to see.
    By the way, I loved the gift to your hubby.
    Yes, I wonder where the little wooden man came from too. I think he could tell a story.
    Stay well my dear,
    hugs, Evi

  2. Happy New year to all at Kerjakob! Oh pie you are soooooooo handome -x-