Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Figures in an Autumn Landscape.

Last Saturday afternoon whilst in Yorkshire I went to Bretton Hall where 45 years ago I studied art.
The college is closed now but the grounds have become a most wonderful sculpture park.
Many famous pieces of work are set in a most glorious landscape.

There were three almost life sized figures on the wall in
this gallery space.

I was especially interested to see the work of a Spanish sculptor called Jaume Plesna .

These heads are carved out of huge blocks of alabaster.

The heads were gently lit from above.

There was a great feeling of peace in this space.

 The whole experience of seeing his work was  just so inspirational and left me with a great sense of calm.

Set against the autumn sky this figure had a great sense of calm, beautiful.

These two heads are on a huge scale
 and sit on the turf roof
of the underground galleries.

This figure sits on a slope and gazes across the landscape.
It is so huge that people could walk in and out and some just to stop and think.

There were moments when the work just took you in and with the landscape and a beautiful autumn day it was just perfect.

This is a part of the path that leads to the galleries at the park.
People were invited to pay to have names there.
It was a wonderful way to raise money and also a lasting memory
 for so many families

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  1. These are amazing you must be having a fabulous time xxxxx
    Lynn xx