Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Working towards Christmas.

Next week I'll be in England for a few weeks so I've been busy trying to get so many different things done.
Christmas cakes are made, most bulbs are planted and I've just finished the Christmas cards that are going off to friends and family in the UK.

This year the cards are printed onto old pages from some French books that I've bought at different brocantes.

The beautiful old wood letters I bought some years ago and I just love them.
How sad to think of the millions that were just burnt when new systems for printing took over.

The little hearts are especially significant for me as they are made from the papers from chocolates that I ate and shared with friends when I was in hospital after my stroke.
The chocolates were a present from a very dear French friend when she came to visit me in hospital.

I've tried to make the letters look old and rusty.
The little stars are cut from old sheets of music.

I'd decided that I would use them in some way in my cards this year .


  1. I love the way you have made the letters rust and vintage theses are really beautiful
    Lynn xx

  2. Love the old printing blocks. I was a engraver in the print trade many moons ago. I use to cut lettering from rubber for printing on cardboard boxes.

  3. How busy you have been, those cards look great, so pretty.

  4. These old letters are so beautiful - the old gold colour you've used is perfect!
    I've saved chocolate wrappings too, to be used on Christmas tags and cards, a friend gave me some Laduree ones from chocolates her daughter sent from France.
    I'm making Christmas Angel vanilla biscuits for my granddaughters in France - hurrying to get things in the post!!!
    I found your blog via Layers of Memory, as I'm from New Zealand too!
    Enjoy your sojourn to the UK!
    Shane x

  5. superb! What a treat to receive such a lovely thoughtful card, they really are fab. I have a collection of old printing blocks and stamps but since we moved here I can't find them, aaarghhhh! So frustrating!
    Hope you have a brilliant time over here and you are feeling better every day,

    Sarah x

  6. What a lovely Christmas Card, and those beans are so beautiful a few posts back, I had no idea they were such gorgeous hues. So glad you are feeling stronger each day.

  7. What a nice way to put the old printing blocks to use. The cards came out lovely, and I really like the idea of the heart out of chocolate wrappers.
    Have fun in England but don't overdo. I am glad that you are doing much better!
    Hugs, Evi