Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sharing the joy of Art at Kerjacob.

There are so many things I love about France but it saddens me greatly that in school the children don't have regular art lessons.
The same seems to apply to music and sport.
Throughout history people have decorated and adorned their environment and themselves and yet this doesn't happen in school here.
To me its a part of human need.
Tiny children love using paints and drawing in all different forms.

Antoine, at 6, working on his first painting.

Our nearest neighbours are young farmers, they have two lovely little boys who we've known since they were born, in fact before they were born.
Last year, in the summer I did some art each week with Remi, who is now eight years old.
So now I've started to do some English and Art with the two boys, just half an hour about three times a week.
Its lovely to see them coming down the big hill to the house, they arrive, give kisses and look for Mr P to give him kisses too.

Remi, at 8, trying out making his own colours.

On Wednesday there is no school so Wednesday mornings will be for Art for them, unless I or they can't make it.

Yesterday we did half an hour of some English and then an hour and a half of Art.
It was lovely to see the pleasure it gave them.
Yes, it was busy for me getting everything ready and then clearing up but it was all worth it.
They loved it.

We moved on to printing, thinking of the autumn colours.

Antoine's printing.

At half past twelve we walked back up the hill, they carrying their plates which still had enough paint on them for them to do more in the afternoon if they wanted and me carrying their paintings and their exercise books.

Antoine's photograph of his piece of work.

Paintings were shown to Mamma and Pappa and I left with thank you's and another kiss from each boy.

Remi's printing and painting.

Remi's photograph of his work.


  1. How lovely, what a pleasant way to spend the morning.

  2. what gorgeous results, you must feel so pleased for them, and they will feel fab too.
    What a lovely thing for you to do
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  3. So so gorgeous, makes me want to collect leaves and have a go. How wonderful for the boys to have you in their lives,

    Sarah x

  4. Wonderful. What a shame they don't have art in school, I have noticed that classroom displays look drab and very one dimensional, compared to the child centred art of an English school.
    Your neighbour are obviously relishingthis chance, how lucky for them to have such a super neighbour.

  5. I have aways loved children's art work, it's alway sonfree.

  6. Diane,you are doing a wonderful thing. I cannot imagine life without art. It is such an expression of who we are. Not doing something creative is like seeing a sky, but never seeing a rainbow. When I am creating, I am the happiest.
    My grandkids have there own tables in my studio to work on art. What a pleasure to see their faces when they are creating.
    Kudos to you!
    Many hugs, Evi

  7. What a lovely thing to do. Bet the Boys look forward to their art and english lesson. There is no better way to learn then when you are having fun.

  8. Hi Diane
    What a wonderful thing you are teaching those boys.....thank you for your visit to my blog and comments about hand written letters i was reading recently that children today may never receive or write a handwritten letter....that seems so sad to expressed an interest in hand written letters and if you would like to correspond with me this way i would be delighted please visit my blog again and email me through there.....if anyone else reads this and loves the written word and handwritten letters you are welcome to contact me....sorry to comment here on this blog but i couldn;t find an email address for you......
    love your blog it is so interesting reading about your life so thank you for sharing that with us the readers......