Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to dance in the rain.

Last Thursday afternoon a dark storm hung over Kerjacob whilst outside it was a warm sunny afternoon.

I remember feeling my heart beating so fast that I didn't think that it could possibly have the chance to carry on.

I remember my much loved  husband saying gently " Darling I think you've had a stroke"

I remember thinking, that trying so hard to keep breathing was almost more than I could manage.

I remember the pins and needles starting to move up my left leg and hand.

I remember finding it more and more difficult to speak as the left hand side of my face began to lose all feeling.

I remember saying to my love that I didn't want to die and asking him not to leave me on my own.

I remember the pompier carrying me downstairs and the bells ringing taking me to hospital.

I remember thinking, my right hand still works, so I can still draw, paint and make things and then it was all too much.

Yes I'd had a TIA ( transient ischemic attack )

When my poor husband left the hospital at about 2am  I was able to hold him with both my hands, to touch his face, to turn in bed on my own and to say " I love you".


I'm still in hospital, being looked after with such care, all is working as it should, at least I think so.
I wait for lots of test results but so far all is well.

Every morning is a joy to wake up to, maybe there'll be more storms but I'm going to dance through all of them and keep on dancing.


  1. Diane
    What a shock. I'm so glad you are pulling through, and I know how fantastic the care is in French Hospitals. Looking forward to hearing that you get home soon. Best Wishes Judith x

  2. Oh what a bad time you have had,Im so pleased to hear you are getting better,sending lots of healing thoughts your way.Take care Love Jill xx

  3. Gosh I do hope you pull though this ok, what a shock for you all, take care will be sending best wishes your way.

  4. How terrible for you, what a relief that it sounds like you are going to be well again..I am sending lots of get well wishes and wanting you to come out of this well. Your poor, poor, husband seeing this happen to your loved one is so very frightening. Lots of wishes to you to get better Diane
    Lynn xxxx

  5. My very best wishes for your continued recovery and good health.

  6. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  7. Dear Diane,

    Oh my word, what a shock for you and your family! Luckily, it sounds like you are already on the mend and I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

    I tried to leave a comment here some time ago, to reply to your question about where we stayed in Istanbul, but the comment disappeared... :-( The hotel in the photos were from Hotel Nomade, a small hotel very close to the Blue Mosque and Ayasofya. The lobby was very welcoming and felt more like someone's living room, but the rooms were nothing to write home about (however, they were clean), quite small and basic.

    Anyway, enough about my babbling on about foreign hotels.

    Focus on getting better now and I hope you will soon be home and can take your time to slowly return to normal life again. What a shock it must have been!

    Warm regards,

  8. Dear Diane, I am so shocked! I wish you a speedy recovery !!!!!! It shows us, how unpredictable life really is. I am soooo glad that you had your husband by your side. He must have been so scared too.
    Take time to heal, other things can wait.
    The blog world would not be fun without you!
    Lots of love and many "careful" hugs, Evi

  9. My goodness...what a shock for you and your poor husband. It must have been very frightening.
    Sounds like you are in good French hands though and being well cared for.
    Hope you recover very quickly,
    Julie x

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