Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 24 October 2011

Home again at Kerjacob.

I have been home now for just over four days now 
and slept in my own bed - wonderful.
Every day is a good one and I know just how very lucky I am
 to be able to do what I did before that
 terrible afternoon about ten days ago.

I had cut these flowers in the Thursday morning before the black cloud came.
They were from the garden, the rosemary scenting the kitchen.

It has been very good to catch up with the outside world and also to realise just how many friends I have.
There have been so many messages and so much concern for us both after our lives were turned upside down for those difficult days..
Thank you also to my friends who follow my blog for sending good wishes too.

Autumn has really come here now and as I write this the woodstove is keeping me lovely and warm.

Before I had to go to hospital I'd put all the fruit soaking in sherry for the Christmas cake.
Its been slightly more than the three days suggested !
Now I'm going to finish it off and let it bake slowly in the the oven for about four hours.

It is SO GOOD to be back - I am a very lucky person.


  1. Glad your back, and getting beter daily. Take care.

  2. I'm so glad your home, and cosy in front of the stove. Your cake sounds like it's going to be delicious. Take it easy and let your husband and friends spoil you. Best wishes Jude x

  3. I am sooo glad that you are back home! You and your hubby must have been so frightened. Do you have to change your life style or are there any other things to watch out for?
    I can just imagine how it felt to be back in your home and in your own bed.
    Please take care of yourself and don't overdo.
    Warm hugs, Evi
    PS. The bouquet looks lovely. I just cut more hydrangeas to dry.

  4. So glad you are home xxx The flowers are lovely and the cake will be scrummy and you are home!
    how fabulous xxx
    Hugs and loads of waves
    Lynn xxxx

  5. Oh! I am all shaken as I had no idea of all this! Lovely, lovely Diane I am SO glad you are home and recovering - just please keep on dancing your dance x I too am preparing hydrangeas for Christmas garlands, and now I shall send you a get well wish with each and every one,

    Sarah XxX