Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Le jardin des melanges - a magical place.

One of the 250 roses in the garden.

Yesterday I visited a garden about an hour away from Kerjacob.
It is at St Gilles les Bois between Guingamp and Pontrieux.

The weather was not kind to us and there were strong winds and heavy showers.
However the garden was worth it and I'll certainly go again with Mr P.

The garden was started in 1995 after Monsieur et Madame Stephan had renovated the old farmhouse.

Madame Stephan in her frog hat and witch's stick.

The land was completely covered in brambles and weeds of all kinds, so much so that they didn't know that the land undulated and even had a stream passing down one side.
The garden is now just a magical place and looked after by a magical lady who obviously loves every bit of their creation.

The garden twists and turns with lots of hidden places, lots of little bridges to cross the stream and even a house for a witch which Madame told us was a relative of hers from Northern Canada.

One of the tree spirits.

We were told that the leaves were for her modesty !

Madame Stephan's cat joined us for part of the tour and happily draped himself over her shoulder whilst she showed us around.

There are so many photographs for you to see and so much to tell that I'm going to do another post on this magical place in a few days time.

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  1. What an amazing place...quite magical xx
    Sorry your weather is as bad as ours
    Lynn xxx