Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Rain today and the plants will be happy.

Rain wakes me this morning, I hear it on the roof as I sit in bed with Pie having her early morning time with me.
In the kitchen Tortue and Samuel are curled up together. I will explain in a later post how they all came to be with us.
When we arrived here 7 years ago we had just our one dog, Hannah, a border collie. Sadly Hannah's sister, Tess died 6 months before we came to Kerjacob. They were wonderful dogs and we shared many happy times together.

The second year we were here I decided that I must start to do my own work again.
Its too easy to let the domestic life take up the time and it was important for me to work on my art work.
As many know the ideas have to be there, the inspiration.
A blank piece of paper or canvas can be very scary.
All around me were the most wonderful swathes of wild flowers. In the country here the flowers are allowed to be, they provided the inspiration. I made myself work even though it had to be on the kitchen table or on the work top.
The usual frustration of having to tidy up for each meal and the stopping to do the cooking etc, etc.
Gradually the paintings came and the pleasure of being totally involved with my work pushed me on.
Summer of that year I had my first exhibition, shared with two French artists and two English artists.
It went well and I was please that people liked my work and bought it.
I worked in with wax, inks,dyes and paint. I'd made a start.