Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Friday, 30 April 2010

Bake a cake.

The morning starts well with a little sunshine and a promise of rain, the vegetables in the garden need that as does our well.
I bake a coffee cake this morning before going off to the shops.
A friend is 60 tomorrow and I will decorate the cake with sparklers and take it for part one of the party at lunchtime.

I leave all the cats in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

There is Tortue who was living in one of the barns when we found the house, she gradually gained confidence and now is part of the family. She's a real lady.
Then Pie arrived. She had been found in a local bar where some men thought it was good fun to play catch with her !! A friend saved her and when I saw her it was a ' coup de couer,' love at first site.
She arrived just before Christmas and is the colour of mince meat hence " Pie " She is tiny but with the heart of a lion. Pie had a hard start in life and still wants to suckle at Malcolm or my neck, she missed out on that time with her mother.
So there we were the first Christmas here with 2 cats and one dog. Hannah was so patient but being old just accepted her new companions.
Sam's arrival will come in another post.

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