Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The start of three wonderfully happy weeks in July - Nantes.

In mid July our elder granddaughter came for a 3 week holiday.
I had not seen her for a few years due to my health problems
and surgery.
I cannot tell you what a delight it was to see her arrive at the
airport with Mr P ( Papi to her )

I'd booked for us to stay the night in Nantes as a surprise.

The bigger surprise however was to go to "Les Machines " to visit this wondrous place and to ride on the elephant and the carousel.
Moments of magic which will stay with the three of us for ever.

The Carousel is based on the 3 levels of the ocean.
This is the top for the things that are on the sea.

The flying fish were so beautiful.

Just loved this turtle's face.

We all went on the elephant and one ride for Papi and me on the  carousel but 4 rides on it for her.
She loved it and so did we.

Georgia inside  a fish - pulling levers to make it move its fins and tail.

Avery happy little girl.

However I think she enjoyed being sprayed by the elephant even more.
The children waited and encouraged the man driving the elephant to soak them !
It was so good to watch so many people having such a happy time
Moments like these last forever.

Papi and Georgia on the elephant.

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  1. What a wonderful place to go to, no wonder you had a lovely time Diane.
    Hugs Lynn xx