Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Kaffe Fassett at Nantes, France.

Last Saturday I went to Nantes.
Each year there is a huge fair called
"Pour l'Amour du Fil"
Which simply means 'for the love of thread'.

It was the first time I had been  - what a wonderful, if tiring day.

Kaffe Fassett was there with his amazing work.
I love the colours that he combines and especially how
he changed the way people looked at embroidery and knitting.
Gone was the safe way and in came an exciting way of using colour and pattern.

Although I don't have any of these very bright colours in my home
 I do love the way he puts such colours together so that they 'sing'.

Kaffe Fassett sat doing some stitching whilst many of his fans came to admire as if the space was
a magical one with the wizard of colours in attendance !!

I took many other photographs whilst there so look out for more delights in my next posts.

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  1. How fabulous Diane, I have always loved the way in which this clever man works. I have some of his knit books not because I knit but I use them for colour ideas. I hope you had a really lovely time.
    Spring seems to have sprung this week and although it has been cold it has been sunny. I was out picking nettles and ramsons yesterday to make pesto and soup and I stopped and just sat on a farmers gate drank a tin of pop and had a lovely 15mins just sat in the sun listening to the birds it was wonderful.
    Have you been to any other fairs, are you in the country Diane?...sorry I've rambled on..
    Have a lovely weekend xx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx