Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Working on some new folding books.

Today I've been doing some more work on some new folding books.
I'd done the artwork before Christmas so today was
selecting the ribbons and fixing them into
the covers of the books.

Front and back covers of a book.

Then it was measuring the paper which will be folded to make the pages.
I do miss the huge guillotine I had when I was working !

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll cut the pages, fold them and then fix them between the covers.

I so wish I had a studio instead of working on the kitchen table but that's the price
I pay for living in an old house which is being renovated, one day, one day I'll
have my space and I'll probably never want to leave it.

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