Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year and more photographs from Kerjacob at Christmas.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Let us hope that we have seasons again.
Like many of you it would be good to have

I am especially hoping for a year with good health,
the last two haven't been good for me, however
I am well now and looking forward to a 
creative and happy 2013.

This Christmas
 I have had the time to enjoy putting favourite bits and pieces 
around the house, especially in the lounge which we finished 
a year ago.

I was lucky enough to find these curtains in Emmaus
 ( a French charity ).
I thought they would be the correct size for the doorway in the lounge.
I am delighted with them and how they cheer the room
 these dark wintery days.

Below are more photographs of the lounge in its Christmas dressing.

Limed beam above the mantle.

Stars of nature and man.

Crowns sitting on some of the books.

Our little tree decorated simple in white and silver.

The fairy sits happily on top of the tree.

I bought these sweet little velvet shoes at a brocante and I
just had to add them to the tree.

We bought this handsome fox some years ago.
This Christmas he's in the lounge with his own crown.
( we don't know if it is a he !!!)

I found the beautiful candle holder and Father Christmas at another brocante.

The star looks like its with the moon
 ( its the reflection of the light )

Each Christmas we always make each other cards. These are this year's.

Mr P made this one from Samuel, Pie and Tortue.
( He did add their crowns on the computer )

I made a little folding book with a message on each page.
It was bound with a grey silk ribbon.

This is the little book unfolded.

This last photograph are the beautiful roses left for us by our neighbour.
Each year Marie arrives early ( whilst we're sleeping ) and leaves
 a New Year gift of flowers for us.

Life at Kerjacob is good.

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  1. Sooo jealous of your fab charity curtains...what a great find and love Monsieur or Madame Reynard with the little crown too.
    Best wishes for 2013 at Kerjacob from a wet and dismal Northumberland.
    Julie x