Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Friendship - a priceless gift.

The value of friends can never be underestimated.
Emails, phone calls, cards and now visitors.
Friends came yesterday and we sat in front of the wood stove and ate chestnuts which Mr P had collected when he had the chance to play golf on Tuesday ( I was so delighted for him after coming every day for twelve days visiting me in hospital.

Today more friends spending a few hours with us and tomorrow more friends - lovely.

I am making progress and even put some make up on and a pair of earrings  - I'm starting to look a bit more like my normal self.

Here's to the value of friendship !!!


  1. Glad to hear friends are rallying. What would life be without them? Love the Venice piece you are using as your lead photograph. I love the unfinished fragment nature of the painting. Your door knocker is pretty cool too. After travelling in 2000 and photographing door knobs, I prepared to make 13 different etchings of door knobs and make them into a book. I only ever completed three and even these I have only proof printed. I will post on them tomorrow soyou can see. Your knob reminded me of this project ! x

  2. Oh! Poor Dear Diane ~ how very poorly you have so happy to hear you are home. Wood burner and chestnuts sounds just the ticket along with the company of dear friends.
    Make-up is a jolly good sign.
    I was captivated to hear about your Father and Grandfather...what amazing men. Yes, we must always remember and recount these stories, it is our duty. So little one with no name, I bid you good evening and send you all my best wishes for a speedy recovery,

    Love Sarah -x-