Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 1 October 2012

Yves Rocher and La Gacilly.

Yves Rocher -the cosmetic company was started by Yves Rocher.
He was born in the village of La Gacilly, Brittany in I930.

His father died when he was 14 and he started to help his mother run the small family textile business.
A local healer taught him a recipe for hemostatic ointment based on the lesser celandine flower.
He decided to sell the natural ointment by mail order in a Parisian magazine.

The sale of the ointment went so well that he continued his research and in 1958 he founded the cosmetic company which bears his name.
The products all used natural ingredients.
He wished to make beauty products which were natural and accessible to all people.
The company was so successful that in 1961 he opened his first shop.

The company had an estimated value of 2 billion euros in 2007 and employs 15,000 people.
Yves Rocher is the biggest employer in the town and has invested huge sums of money to make this charming town into a huge visitor attraction.
The factory is open to the public and their extensive growing areas for their products can also be visited.

The annual photographic exhibition features world renowned photographers and always has a link to our environment - a continual commitment from this family company.

Recently an art centre has been made in an old building and holds  changing exhibitions throughout the year.
The village also has many artisans with their studios open to the public.

Fabric sculpture from the current exhibition.

Mixed media sculpture.

Just made me smile !!

Wire sculpture.

Wire and fabric sculpture.

Whilst I was looking at the photographs this charming cat decided to get in on the act he was

After a few minutes he decided to really pose for me !!

I also noticed this lady and thought her simple elegance so striking.
I took my photograph and noted that another person saw that I'd taken a photo and he followed suite.

Here she is again crossing the river going towards the Yves Rocher shop and cafe which are housed
in an old mill.

Lastly this was another image to make me smile !!!

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  1. A gorgeous set of photographs Diane. Feel like I have walked through the village with you.