Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 7 October 2012

PURPLE - I LOve this colour.

Autumn is changing slowly towards winter and somedays are quite grey.
However walking around the garden there is still colour.

I love the colour purple and it lifted my heart earlier this week just to realise how much there is in the garden at the moment.

The butterflies, bees and moths are still enjoying the sunny days that we have and are still visiting the flowers to collect nectar.

Last week I bought a few new plants, the sedum above has tiny leaves and lovely small flowers.

The shrub below is now planted and the bees have found another plant to visit.

How many of you love the colour purple ?


  1. I cannot believe how much color is still in your garden. Hydrangeas are my big love too. It is amazing how they change their colors.
    That is the only thing in my garden still with color. And an occasional rose. I guess, you have had no frost so far. We had a hard frost one night.
    Purple is not my number one color, but I do like it too.
    Enjoy it all while you can.

    1. Hello Evi - it is so nice to read your comment.
      I have been very ill, I had to have emergency surgery for appendicitis and a huge abscess.As you can imagine it has been very hard and painful and it will take time to get back to my usual self.
      The weather is horrible today, heavy winds and even snow but we have the occasional burst of bright sunshine.
      Mr P has just lit the wood stove so soon it will be lovely and warm.
      I am going to start to catch up on my favourite blogs.

      Hugs to you

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