Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Back home at Kerjacob.

Yesterday morning I arrived back in Brittany after being away over five weeks.
I drove down from Shrewsbury to Plymouth on Wednesday afternoon and everywhere looked lovely in the sunshine.

Driving home here was so good - I knew I was coming home and how happy I am here in rural France. Along the sides of the roads all the daisies were in full flower - the inspiration for my first exhibition when we came here eight years ago.

The garden is amazing - so much growth and colour.
Sadly I missed all my tulips, especially sad as I'd planted so many new ones - I'll have to wait for next year now.

It was good to see my husband and my cats but not good that within an hour of being back I had to take him to the airport at Nantes - he's back in England for a week to help celebrate his father's 90 th birthday.

This morning I'm going to watch the wedding and enjoy the peace of Kerjacob.

Its good to be back and good to back in touch with everyone .

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  1. Enjoy the celebrations Diane, I do share your sentiments about Diana. I thought it magical that William and Harry went walkabout last night. Shows they are their Mother's sons.

    Sarah xXx