Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 7 March 2011

Found words- a memory.

Yesterday was just beautiful, cold if not in the sun but clear. An excellent day for working in the garden.

Friends came to see us in the afternoon, he went off with Mr P to look at the renovation work and we went and looked at my latest cards etc.
Whilst looking at many of my " bits " I came across a book which I'd started to work on when I was in England.

One day I will finish it but the book I used to make the words is packed away in one of my many, many, many boxes in the barn.

I so enjoyed looking at what I'd written - the words and lines still move me.


  1. I really love this...I am so fond of script in art work.
    I do sell my badges and will have some ready after easter I will let you know xxx Thank you
    Lynn xxxx
    You would have loved the Armatige Centre so many goodies

  2. Your blog is going from strength to strength, Bravo! love Penx

  3. these words, put together so nicely, touch my heart.
    I am just catching up with your last blogs, too much happening here.
    Love your kitties so much...they look so sweet. Makes me really want one again!
    Like you, I collect feathers. Mine are not as pretty and I need more to make a wreath.
    That is a charming idea.
    Oh, and you had me with the beautiful flowers.Our stores don't have anything like it yet. The snow is almost all gone, washed away by the heavy rains we had.
    My daffodils are peeking out though, I guess spring will arrive here too.
    Cheers, Evi